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5 Best Content Management Practices For 2022


Working with content management means that you work to create and manage content in different digital channels. This can include texts, images, infographics, video recordings, and sound clips. The content can be produced for a company’s website, blogs, newsletters, social media, and other communication channels. 

The purpose of content management is to establish a digital presence, reach out to relevant target groups, and optimize the user experience. However, since the competition is fierce, it is important to keep in mind that the content found on websites has only a few seconds to attract users’ attention. For this reason, if you want to manage and publish content successfully, you must implement the best content management practices.

In this post, we look at some of the best content management practices for 2022 that can do marvels to your business.

Setting a Clear Goal and Identifying Target Audience

To start creating an effective content management strategy, a clear goal must be set for that exact content and you should ensure that your goal is aligned with the company’s objectives and pain points. Usually content has goals like customer engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, talent recruitment, and so on.

In addition, you should identify the target audience and understand them on a deeper level to build a successful content management strategy. To achieve this, think about what the specific needs and wants of your ideal customers could be, what their expectations are, how do they spend their time online, what trends do they follow, and what type of content they prefer most.

Once you have your answers, you should continue to create buyer personas and produce relevant content that is harmonized with each step of the buyer’s journey.

Using a Plagiarism Checker

Publishing high-quality and unique content is a basic prerequisite if you want to dominate the SEO game, but the process has become increasingly difficult in recent years.

Sometimes it might feel almost impossible to write unique content. In such circumstances, it is not surprising to encounter plagiarism issues that can damage the reputation of your organization and endanger your SEO ranking.

So, to manage your content effectively, you must also do your best to avoid plagiarism, as it’s not ethical and in a way, you’re committing a form of intellectual theft. To avoid all this, use a plagiarism checker to see whether your content is 100% original and authentic. This type of tool will provide you with quick results, allowing you to keep up with a posting schedule without you having to worry about whether your content is unique.

Working With Content Management Software

This might be one of the most important content management practices nowadays.

When companies and different departments work on larger projects, you might feel the need to have a space where information can be communicated swiftly and where assignments can be organized efficiently. Today, we can find fantastic software solutions that allow us to sign in and out from our dashboards and save us valuable time while enhancing our productivity.

For example, there are many editorial content managers in charge of the development, execution, as well as delivery of data-driven editorial content who might significantly benefit from editorial content management solutions. 

Such a solution can enable them to quickly track and assign important projects and tasks to the correct teams and departments in a company.  To ensure that the work is running smoothly, this tool can manage the entire content process from start to finish, and automate the revenue recognition and billing processes.

In addition, it can create customized onboarding workflows and enable contractors to set themselves up and upload or sign any required legal and tax documents for compliance.

Measuring Results

It is not enough to simply create and publish content. A content strategy should be measurable as this can help determine whether the goals you set were properly met. To have a successful content management strategy, you must follow up and measure results. 

This is key to demonstrating your content’s value. If you’re trying to measure success and content performance, you should do so by using analytical tools. Depending on the defined content management KPIs, content managers can assess the performance of their published content by tracking metrics such as backlinks, traffic, click-through rate, engagement, return rate, time on page, sales leads, bounce rates, etc. 

Using an Editorial Content Calendar

Using an editorial content calendar is also one of the best content management practices for 2022. It’s a visual workflow that content managers can use to outline goals and schedule their work. It also helps them track content types to be produced, publish dates, promotional channels, as well as authors and helps keep things organized. With editorial content calendars, you will ensure consistency, spot gaps, and also communicate your content strategy effectively to other internal stakeholders.

Final Words

Content is a key business asset and the main part of every engaging and positive customer experience. For this reason, content management is a crucial component of every marketing strategy. By using these best content management practices, you can rest assured that your content management efforts will drive the desired results and you’ll achieve new heights of success.