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How To Get Your Name Out There In Your Industry


Taking that first step into the industry of your interest can be difficult. It can feel as big as stepping over the Grand Canyon if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. And worse than that, it can feel awkward!

Whether you’re a graduate fresh off the stage or are looking for more opportunities than you’re afforded in your current position, we’re breaking down where you can let everybody know your name.

Say some affirmations in the mirror because we’re breaking down that first step, where you can introduce yourself to peers, higher ups and make sure that they remember you. We’re showing you where you can introduce yourself, after that what you say is up to you.

Industry events

Industry events are a staple of businesses and industries all around the world and aren’t about to change anytime soon. But they’re not as awful as some make them sound and can be very beneficial as a way of getting your name out there. You can job hunt by chatting to your peers, looking for a mentor, or just observing.

Gain insight for your own business venture by listening to the speeches, taking part in the workshops, or participating in the activities.

Yes, there are activities, and they can look more like a weekend with the girls, with examples like “speed networking” and cocktail mixing on the menu.

You can find an industry event near you in the United Kingdom by checking the RX‘s global website. The company hosts events all over the country and is more than able to create one for your business.

Virtual events

The problem with industry events is that there aren’t as many of them around as there used to be. With a combination of us creeping ever further online, businesses spread out across the world, and the rise of streaming and video calling, virtual events are now the trendiest thing to be a part of.

You can meet a much wider range of people than you would face to face, as you’re limited to who is in your physical radius. But you will have to be bold. If you want a one on one with someone you’ll need to ask or offer contact details to talk at a different time.

Aside from the technical aspect, it isn’t much different from an in-person event. Speeches might be streamed in, or simply said during a video call from a spare room office, there will be activities more based in saying something, like icebreakers and discussions, but the same lessons about active listening, asking questions, and being heard are all key just like in-land events.

Create your social media CV

The days of social media being purely to keep in touch with far away loved ones is well and truly gone. Today, graduates are putting their best foot forward on their social media accounts, and that doesn’t mean posting heavenly pictures of travels or relationships, but posting about their professional achievements or skillset, like an online resumé.

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are all currently being used as portfolios, where graduates are posting anecdotes about their career, examples of their work and successful networking opportunities.