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Is Netsuite Pricing Affordable?


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There are plenty of software programs that claim to have all small businesses need to grow their operations. However, there’s only one that can make the claim that over 60 percent of tech IPOs and six of the top seven tech stocks are customers, and that’s Oracle Netsuite.

Oracle offers Netsuite as software as a service (SaaS), meaning it’s cloud-based. It’s the most comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool on the market. However, the question many potential Netsuite customers have is, how much does Netsuite cost? We’ll answer that question and more in this brief guide to Netsuite costs and services.

The cost of Netsuite depends on editions, modules, and the number of users.

To understand the cost of Netsuite, you have to understand Netsuite’s business model. Netsuite ERP is a comprehensive tool with varying levels of support and services. There are several costs to consider, including the Netsuite ERP platform, Netsuite modules, Netsuite implementation, training, and technical support. Netsuite pricing depends on what parts of the Netsuite platform you procure, the number of users, and the user licenses you get for you and your team members. Now, we’ll discuss Netsuite features and licenses.

All Netsuite editions come with ERP and CRM modules.

One of the great things about Oracle Netsuite is that every subscription model comes equipped with ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) modules. The ERP module includes basic financial management, inventory management, order management, supply chain management, and global business management features. The CRM module boasts marketing automation, real-time business intelligence, SalesForce automation, and sales forecasting. As you can see, even the standard license is full of powerful features.

Netsuite offers editions for specific industries.

Netsuite also has a lot of powerful advanced modules for specific industries, including human resources, financial management, professional services, e-commerce solutions, and more. Of course, the price increases as you acquire add-on modules. The add-on modules are ideal for growing small companies that need scalability and large companies looking to optimize business processes and customer experiences.

Small businesses can add additional modules as needed.

One of the things that makes Oracle Netsuite ERP software a great option for smaller companies is it enables them to change their license agreement as their company and business needs grow. Furthermore, they provide Netsuite customers with tools and technical support to ensure a smooth ERP implementation and continued best practices.

Different Netsuite partners offer varying levels of support.

Another thing that factors into the cost of Netsuite is your Netsuite partner. There are many Netsuite products and vendors to choose from, so you must do your due diligence to find the right software vendor for your company. Different vendors offer a variety of Netsuite pricing modules and levels of support. You can learn about different Netsuite partners by reading online reviews or consulting a procurement specialist.

As you can see, you can count on Netsuite pricing to be affordable for small businesses, and large enterprises can depend on Netsuite to provide the advanced features they need. All Netsuite licenses come with CRM and ERP solutions, and Netsuite offers editions and modules for specific industries. Plus, its scalability makes it ideal for growing small businesses, and Netsuite partners provide ERP implementation, training, and ongoing support, so you don’t have to worry about managing your ERP system.

So, Netsuite costs vary based on company size, business needs, and which Netsuite partner you choose. Many small businesses start with a standard Netsuite subscription and add advanced modules as they grow. Speaking with qualified Netsuite consultants will give you an idea of which Netsuite licenses and modules are best for your establishment. Indeed, Netsuite is affordable for smaller companies and powerful enough for enterprises. The question is, can your small business afford not to have Netsuite?