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How Learning A New Language Will Enhance Your Career Success


by Ray Blakney, CEO and co-founder of Live Lingua

Does it feel like your career growth has come to a standstill? Are you looking for a new way to progress in the company you currently work for? Yes, you can always look into obtaining a certification specific to your industry that would enable you to take on additional projects and improve your chances for a promotion. However, there is one often-overlooked way you can advance your current position and enhance your career success: learning a new language.

Nowadays, there are highly accessible resources that enable you to master a foreign language quickly, such as podcasts, software applications, and online language tutors who are available 24/7 (like the ones at Live Lingua). Taking the time to learn a new language will open up so many opportunities for you in your career and beyond.

Here are just a few ways your career will reach new heights.

You Can Work in Global Branches of the Company You Work For.

Have you ever wanted to live in a different country? Do you work for an international enterprise with branches all over the world? Research the various branches of the company and see which one(s) are in countries you would be interested in living in. Then, check out what kinds of available positions are at the branches (you should be able to find this info on the company’s website). You can also consult with your boss and other leaders in your workplace to see what kinds of positions will soon be opening up in these other branches.

There are so many opportunities that can arise in your current position just from learning a new language. For example, if you learn Chinese, you will have the ability to work at a branch in Asia. Or, if you learn Spanish, you can land a liaison position in a Latin American branch of the company. You will be able to continue growing with your employer while having the opportunity to experience a whole different culture and lifestyle in a new country.

You Can Boost Your Sales Potential.

Mastering a foreign language can really strengthen your sales abilities. This is because learning a new language and understanding the culture of the country or region that speaks that language will open up new markets to you. Think about it — learning Spanish will enable you to now sell a company’s products or services to almost every country in Latin America. The boost in sales that you can achieve can be key for landing that big promotion you’re striving for!

Teaches You to Look at Problems Differently.

Are you struggling to come up with the perfect new marketing strategy for your company? Have you been assigned the task of improving the business’s manufacturing operations? Mastering a foreign language will teach you how to look at problems from a new angle. This is because studies show that learning a new language opens up new neural pathways in your mind and teaches you to think in a different way. It improves your memory, multitasking skills, and overall cognitive function, all of which can help you better solve the problems you face.

The Potential for Higher Pay.

A nice big salary increase may be just what you need to achieve greater financial freedom and afford a house or another large purchase. Did you know that many jobs will pay more if you speak another language? It’s true! Some examples are teachers, police officers, and nurses. You can get a salary boost just from learning a new language, as you will be able to communicate with a whole new segment of the business’s customer market, company leaders in other countries, and other stakeholders who also speak that language.

Stand Out from the Crowd When Job Searching.

If you feel that there are no more opportunities for career growth at your current employer and you’re ready to see what other positions are out there, get ready to dominate your job search by mastering a foreign language. Being bilingual will help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. In job interviews, you can share how knowing the second language will help you in the role you’re applying for and how you can work in global branches if needed.

To Wrap It All Up.

If you feel like your career growth has plateaued, take action by mastering a foreign language. It will give you the opportunity to work in global branches of your employer and boost your sales potential. On top of this, it also teaches you to look at problems in a new way, opens up the potential for a salary boost, and will help you stand out from the crowd if you decide to search for a new position at another company. Overall, learning a new language can be key for taking your career to the next level.


Ray Blakney is the CEO and co-founder of Live Lingua, a renowned online language learning platform. An award-winning, Filipino-American entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster, Ray builds and helps others build 6- and 7-figure businesses on a bootstrap budget using SEO.



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