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Five Reasons Why Businesses Must Start Using QR Code Technology


QR code generator with logo

QR codes have evolved into a superior marketing tool over the last eight months. Why should businesses use a QR code generator with logo when the market is so competitive? What difference can it possibly make to customers?

According to the most recent Statista study, 45 percent of shoppers in the U.S. and the U.K. has scanned QR codes for marketing-related surveys in 2021. It is widely acknowledged that QR codes are increasing today and are becoming a part of the mobile phone use habit.

QR codes are paving the way to a more streamlined usage by relaying information through these numbers.

What exactly is a QR code generator with logo?

QR code generator with logo is a type of QR code generator that generates QR codes with a logo and a call to action in their design. This QR code generator software enables users to improve their QR code design by including their logo and a call to action.

This QR code generator is used to generate QR codes that you can use to aid any company or product-related content, including social media, video, and print marketing campaigns.

Five reasons why businesses should use a QR code generator with a logo

The need for a more competitive QR code determines the future of marketing as it moves forward. Here are the underlying recommendations why businesses must use a QR code generator with logo to generate their custom QR codes to have better and improve your marketing campaigns.

1. Help create QR code distinctiveness for their company.

The first reason companies must use a QR code generator with logo to create QR codes is to make their QR code distinctive for their company. This way, customers can quickly identify the QR code they are scanning belongs to their company. It also ensures the customer’s trust and safety when scanning a QR code designed for their brand.

2. Boost brand recognition.

Increasing brand recognition with QR codes is always one of the top priorities for business owners to integrate. They can allow more people to recognize their brand easily when they stumble upon a QR code with logo on posts, social media, and other means. In this way, they can be confident that the QR codes that people will be scanning are from brands and brands that are connected to them. Moreover, QR codes with logos can boost scanning rates by 123 percent or more.

3. Generates professional-looking QR codes.

Because you can find QR codes anywhere, determining which you can trust QR codes is a difficult task that consumers face regularly. As a result, customers and QR code enthusiasts are constantly trying to figure out which QR codes are trustworthy and which are not.

Company QR codes can now look more professional and distinguish themselves from traditional QR codes with the help of a QR code generator with logo.

Consider including your logo and a call to action to make your QR code look more professional. In this manner, your customers quickly understand that your QR code is safe to scan and does not jeopardize the data security when scanned. If you are integrating the use of a social media QR code to promote their social media, they should tailor the code design and call to action to the intent of the scans.

4. It provides a more competitive advantage than using a standard QR code generator.

A QR code generator with a logo can provide a competitive advantage over the use of standard QR code generators. As a result, businesses that use the QR code generator with logo to custom create QR codes are a step ahead of their competitors.

5. Creates safe QR codes.

As QR codes gain popularity, scammers devise schemes to commit well-executed QR fraud. As a result, classic QR codes may not be secure enough for businesses to use. Companies should consider using a QR code generator with logo to address this issue.


As companies need to incorporate an innovative way to keep a business running, QR codes quickly have become their go-to technological tool in innovating their marketing and operations process. As a result, these codes rapidly become a household technological go-to for contactless transactions.

As QR code competition intensifies, companies can always stay one step ahead of the competition by integrating a QR code generator as QRTIGER that includes embedding a logo in the QR code. They can use it to create secure and branded QR codes and ensure the data scanning safety of their customers.