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Haulers Earn More With HaulerHub


Independent haulers have long faced an uphill battle with fleet enterprises when it comes to landing shipping contracts. With HaulerHub, now they can level the playing field. This Brooklyn-based shipping start-up provides small businesses with an easier way to cut shipping costs using AI technology and allows independent haulers a wider opportunity to bid on business.

Cut the Middleman For Direct Communication

HaulerHub integrates innovative technology to eliminate the logistical paperwork and middleman traditionally associated with shipping technology. Worldwide clients can ship and receive for as little as 3PL fees, allowing thousands of shippers and haulers to connect.

Shippers can opt for one of many paired logistics partners, while haulers can bid on the loads that suit their route and cost. By reducing the complications of communication between shippers and haulers.

For small, independent haulers, this mobile-friendly application has allowed them to compete with the more prominent players in the shipping industry. Small businesses can establish a reputation with shippers through transparent reviews and quotes.

The HaulerHub Process

Shipping logistics has long been known for cumbersome paperwork, difficulty coordinating with an intermediary, and exorbitant third-party fees. Smaller companies simply don’t have the monetary wherewithal to compete with larger, more established fleets. Dealing with intermediaries and blind selection of haulers has made it difficult for shippers to find a trusted transport solution. However, with the innovative technology from HaulerHub, these problems are minimized.

HaulerHub is a customized platform using advanced artificial intelligence programming that allows shippers to match with haulers and vice-versa. Think of it as a dating app for goods and cargo. The platform takes care of the paperwork instead of each party manually filling it out, and the interface is incredibly user-intuitive.

Shippers simply list their shipment, and haulers bid on it. It’s that simple. Once a shipper approves the hauler’s bid, they can track their shipment in real-time, 24-7. Haulers can quickly communicate with shippers if there’s a potential delay, such as mechanical issues or an overlong queue quayside.

Benefits of Using HaulerHub

Simply being able to talk directly to a shipper or hauler is almost enough to justify using this technology. It also reduces overhead costs for both parties in that they can communicate directly and don’t have to waste time going through an intermediary. Plus, there are no more hidden fees from third parties.

HaulerHub also makes setting up shipments faster. The hours associated with cargo running and tracking traffic, plus planning the most efficient routes, are, for the most part, handled by the AI in HaulerHub. Shippers can review the credibility of each hauler, and independent haulers can quickly establish themselves.

The next-gen platform makes it easier to get a quote request, and clients receive tailored solutions to their shipping needs.

Efficient and Effective Peace of Mind.

Every shipper’s needs are different, and with the profile configuration of HaulerHub, it’s easier for shippers to find the right haulers for their product. Costs remain low, and members can receive their merchandise more effectively.

Knowing that your freight is in safe hands is essential, and having up-to-the-minute knowledge of where the cargo is and what condition it’s in makes it easier for shippers to communicate with their own customers. More importantly, HaulerHub only contracts with reliable freight delivery organizations. Even before you book for the first time, you’ll have access to a hauler’s history of on-time deliveries.

Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Logistics

While online shopping rose due to the covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the containment protocols enacted by many countries created a supply-chain tangle that led to a serious complication in goods reaching consumers. In addition to the traditional stressors, cybersecurity for the logistics sector has been an ongoing concern.

In addition to food and other consumer goods, the supply chain industry is the only way for vaccines and medical supplies to reach many people. The advantage of HaulerHub is that it allows clients and their haulers to conduct business from their homes and more closely follow Covid-19 safety protocols. The minimized face-to-face interaction coupled with a more efficient communications platform has made HaulerHub revolutionary.

To learn more about HaulerHub and how to get started, visit the company’s website and contact them for more information.



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