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How To Turn Passing Foot Traffic Into Paying Customers


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If you have a small business located on a busy street where people constantly walk by your establishment, how can you draw the attention of those people and get them into your shop or company? Chances are, just showing the name of your business and your slogan on a regular store sign isn’t enough to compete with everyone else on your street.

So, how can you use your outdoor space to draw people inside your building? There are several methods for you to stand out among the competition while effectively marketing your brand.

Setup Feather Flags and Other Promotional Materials

Something that you see in front of a lot of businesses on busy and less clustered roads is promotional materials. These usually include things such as yard signs, banners, and feather flags. These are a go-to because people usually incorporate colors and large messages that draw more eyes to their business. This also makes it easy for people walking and driving by your establishment to know what you sell inside or if you are having a sale.

Marketing materials can promote such things as any deals or specials you are offering, new products, or even just the name and slogan of your business in bigger, bolder letters. Many printing companies sell inexpensive flags and signs with common messages, such as “Open” or “Sale”, while custom printing businesses allow you to create your own graphics for fancier flags and signs.

Chalkboards and Floor Decals

Another type of promotional material you see in front of businesses, particularly restaurants, are chalkboard signs. These are a popular form of advertising because you can change what they say on a daily basis to suit new specials, add clever drawings, and they are often posted on social media. Sometimes businesses don’t just use chalk on a board, but they also write in chalk on the sidewalk to draw the attention of people looking down.

If you want to have a promotional message on the ground that lasts longer than chalk, some companies set up floor decals, which are designed to stick on concrete for a longer time. Chalkboards are one of the most affordable advertising methods and using bright colors and large text is a great way to entice customers to visit your business.

Shop Windows

One of the most tried and true methods of catching the eyes of passersby is coming up with a creative setup in your shop window. Many people gaze into the windows of shops and restaurants when they are passing by, but you want to make sure they notice you and that you keep their attention. Do this by coming up with an interesting window display that’s on-brand or features your products. Incorporate an upcoming holiday theme, use unique decorative touches, or get window decals and stickers in fun designs.

When coming up with a window display, it’s important to change it up occasionally so that you promote new offers and continuously get the attention of people walking past your store.

Outdoor Events or Product Displays

Something else that you can do to ensure that people become interested in your shop or business is by having an event or product display outside for people to check out. If you are a restaurant, have some free samples or outdoor seating that will get people to taste or smell what you are selling. If you want to showcase a new product or a sale, have a marketing display installed outside your store that people can check out as they are walking past. If they like what they see, they will likely come into your store to see what else you have.

Think of intriguing ways you can hold a small event or assemble a display that will get your business noticed.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have a little or a lot of outdoor space, make sure you utilize it to make your business stand out among others on your street. Not only do you want to catch the eyes of people passing by your establishment, but you also want to keep their attention and entice them to come into your business. The more unique your setups are, the more they will also remember your brand and products in the future.