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How Long Does International Shipping Take?


International shipping is a complex activity that depends on a series of factors. Different countries have various policies regarding the products that can enter their borders. So, depending on the import and export regulations and the travel length, it is hard to provide an exact delivery time. However, due to shipping software, it is easy to provide an estimated time of arrival.

Nevertheless, international shipping using a freight forwarder takes 4-15 days, depending on several factors such as your location, the location of the freight forwarder, or how your forwarder handles customs and different fees.

It is essential to keep in mind that the recent COVID pandemic affected shipping as well. Although the shipping time is extended from 15 days to 2 months, experienced shippers like Dedola Global Logistics will manage the shipping schedules to achieve the best delivery timings. So, if you need to ship some goods and need professional shipment services, make sure you consider Dedola freight forwarding.

Factors that impact the delivery speed for international shipping

Since international shipping is far more complex than local shipment, some elements need to be considered when shipping internationally.

Customs clearance.

Each country has its own laws and regulations when it comes to products that enter its territory. As such, customs will check if the needed clearance fee was paid. The inability to provide the required paperwork will delay the standard shipping timings.

With Dedola Global Logistics, you don’t need to worry. A dedicated logistics specialist assigned to your account will help you with different customs procedures.

Shipping services.

Depending on the means of transportation, the international shipping time might take longer. Typically, products can be shipped either by sea or by air. However, before choosing either, you need to keep in mind the time, nature of your products, and costs.

Ocean shipping is less expensive than air freight, but it takes longer, and it is not recommended for delicate items that cannot resist long trips.

Prohibited items.

Different countries may restrict the entry of some items. For example, tobacco shipments are severely restricted, while electronics deliveries depend on the type of battery used (lithium-ion batteries have shipping restrictions).

To avoid such delays, make sure you work with your logistics professionals to understand the process of restricted shipping items better.

Address format.

An excellent way to ensure your products are delivered promptly is to adhere to the prescribed shipping address formats. All countries have specific address formats, and failing to comply will delay your delivery.

Potential delivery issues.

Although you adequately planned all aspects of your products’ shipping, some unforeseen situations might occur. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to work with a professional international freight forwarder that offers insights into your shipment status or takes preventative measures to avoid delays.

Dedola Global Logistics uses their own tracking system that allows customers to monitor goods, manage inventory, or generate custom reports. In case of unforeseen delays, you can also communicate with your account representative via an instant messenger built into this tracking system.

Holiday shipping deadlines.

Various shipping carriers have different operating hours and deadlines for holiday deliveries, and these timings can significantly affect shipping times estimates. To avoid unnecessary delays, make sure you check the carrier’s operating hours and do not ship too close to the holidays.


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