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Traits You Need On Your Resume When Applying For Remote Jobs



With the rise of the pandemic, many offices shifted to online means of operations. Now, you’ll find that there’s more focus on remote work as businesses are able to cut down their costs while ensuring productivity through this. Naturally, this leads to a difference when it comes to what recruiters might look at in resumes.

While the academic requirements remain the same, there’s more focus on the traits of an applicant more than ever before. We talk about how applying to remote jobs is different and the importance of adding certain traits when putting together a resume to stand out as an applicant.

How Are Remote Jobs Different From Office-Based Jobs?

When it comes to the difference in remote jobs and office-based jobs, you’ll find that one of the stark differences between the two is the level of comfort that you have. You can work from any remote location for online jobs, whereas offices have restricted areas from where you’re required to work.

So, when you’re applying for remote jobs, there’ll be more focus on whether or not you can meet deadlines, how responsible you are, how you communicate with others, and more. Your soft skills are paid more attention to more than ever. So, it’s best to make sure that you take your time out to develop them.

Using A Resume Builder When Applying For Remote Jobs

When you’re applying for remote jobs, you must make sure that you pay close attention to what you’re adding into it. If you’re unsure of how to put a resume together, then you should make use of a robust resume builder. When you’re creating your first resume, you’ll find that the resume builder offers you a range of layouts and color themes to choose from. You have ample space to ensure that your resume covers all the relevant traits you wish to add to your resume.

Using resumebuilderpro.com is a smart and effective way to get your hands on a quality resume for your remote job. It’s perhaps one of the easiest ways to access professional resume layouts online. It’s simple and easy to use, and helps in creating the perfect resume for your remote job.

Traits You Need To Have On Your Resume When Applying For Remote Jobs

We’ve compiled a list of some of the traits that you should develop and add to your resume when you’re applying for a remote job.

1. Being Digitally Savvy.

It’s imperative to stay up to date with the ever-growing digital world. You want to make sure that you continue to work towards learning about the latest technology and adapting to the changing dynamics of businesses. You’ll find more and more dependence on digital means for business operations; therefore, you’ll find it highly relevant for you to keep up with digital methodologies of working.

You need the know-how of certain software programs, meeting platforms, real-time tools, analytics, management systems, and more. About 145 million users worldwide make use of Microsoft Teams for regular communication. There are no more face-to-face interactions; you need to know how to work online channels to be in the business.

Being digital savvy will allow you to meet the basic requirements of remote jobs today. Since you won’t be working in an office, you’ll need to be highly skilled with digital platforms to get your work done timely.

2. Being Proactive.

Managers are always looking for highly proactive talent. Now that there are more people working remotely, there’s a never-ending need to be more proactive in everything that you do at work. All those workers who focus on getting the job done are always appreciated by the managers.

You should know that managers are always trying to find those unique individuals who have a go-getter personality. This is notable through the experience that you have added when creating your first resume. Adding achievements that aren’t only restricted to your job description can hint that you’ve got the tendency to be proactive at work.

3. Being An Effective Communicator.

When you’re working online, you’ll need to be heavily dependent on yourself. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have no interactions with others. You’ll be in constant contact with those who’re working on similar projects as you or perhaps are in your team. Being good at communicating is essential to keep errors at bay when you’re working online.

Managers want to see applicants who can stand out as effective communicators. This doesn’t mean that you just have to list down communication as a trait. Instead, you’ll need to showcase how you’re effective at communicating with others. Showcasing how you got your tasks done at your previous workplaces through using your communicating skills is a great way to help recruiters understand that you’ve got the relevant skills.

4. Being Adaptable.

When you’re working remotely, there’s a high chance that there won’t be any strict office-like situation. You’ll be required to be flexible just like everyone else on the team. When you’re working from home, there’s always a risk that your day doesn’t go as planned. Instead of stressing yourself out, it’s important to adapt to the situation and figure out a way to get things done.

Make sure that you learn to adapt before you add this skill to your resume. You can back this skill by talking about an experience where you were able to accomplish your goals even though you had to take a different course of action than what was planned.

5. Team Player Mindset.

It’s become essential for everyone to understand others and work well with them in workplaces. Teamwork impacts performance; therefore, it’s become an essential part of every business. When you’re applying for remote jobs, keep in mind that you’ll be working with other people. For this, you’ll need to have the ability to move the whole team together and work on collective progress rather than focusing on yourself only.

Again, you can showcase this trait of yours by talking about an experience where you were a part of a team and the decisions you made in the process.

6. Emotional Intelligence.

There’s high importance given to improving emotional intelligence in workplaces to have an overall positive environment. When you’re working remotely, you want to ensure that you’re able to understand yourself and the other person you’re communicating with to avoid conflicts.

It allows you to reach a point of self-awareness and helps you manage things better. Add this trait to your resume and back it up with accomplishments that were aided by your level of emotional intelligence.

Important Points To Remember

Always remember that when you’re doing a resume for the first time, you’ll need to keep a check on the format you’re following. Keeping plenty of white space and adding the relevant details are the best practices of resume writing.

Along with this, you should know that you don’t want to overload the recruiter with information. So, keep it precise without overlooking the main details. Stay to the point and write an effective resume.

In conclusion, you should start paying attention to the traits that you possess when you’re applying for remote jobs. Incorporate them in your resume to help it stand out from the rest.