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Top 5 Emerging Outsourcing Trends That Every Business Should Follow


by Trevor Michael, Managing Director for Select VoiceCom

Outsourcing has been on the rise in the past few years. If you take a close look at different companies around the globe, you might notice that many of them have sought out recruitment, marketing, and IT agencies to meet the growing demands of their business. Thanks to the latest technological innovations, outsourcing partners can easily provide the necessary solutions to their clients.

If you are planning to seek the services of an outsourcing agency to complete specific tasks, it’s best to educate yourself on the latest trends. Being aware of automation and the best practices will ensure that your partnership becomes successful.

To help you stay ahead of your rival businesses, the guide below will discuss five outsourcing trends that every entrepreneur should know.

1. The rise of knowledge process outsourcing.

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a type of service that deals with problem solving. This includes financial consultancy, data analytics, and all other tasks related to research and development.

As digital transformation occurs across sectors, companies must integrate the latest technologies in their operations. Instead of battling through a tight recruitment market for in-house solutions, many organizations can fulfill technological requirements through KPO.

2. Customer service through social media.

Backlink.com states that with 3.96 billion active users worldwide, many brands have used social media to improve brand-to-consumer engagements. Due to their unique features, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are not just used to send promotions; they are now customer support channels, as well.

As you develop a campaign with your marketing agency, make it a point to be present on different social sites to offer support for customers. This will greatly improve brand recall and make all the difference in the customer experience.

3. Mainstream adoption of automation.

Thanks to the many benefits it offers, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) has gained traction amongst businesses. As of today, several companies have invested in automation tools to address the need to complete various, often repetitive, tasks. In turn, this has allowed them to decrease their workload and give their complete focus to more critical projects.

With that said, check up on your outsourcing vendor if they’re making or intending to use robotic process automation (RPA). As Deloitte.com reports in their case study, now that 72% of companies have considered or already adopted RPA, failure to integrate automation may give your competitors an edge.

4. Improving staff competency.

Following the previous point, the rise of automation will lead to the upskilling of staff. Given that RPA tools will handle menial tasks, employees will eventually be forced to enhance their capabilities. Through specialized training, they can elevate and expand the level of services they provide, including possibly learning how to work on or troubleshoot these automation tools.

If you’re planning to work with outsourced teams, then this should serve as a good sign. Given that employees are getting better through the years, this could mean better results for your business.

5. Cloud computing.

Cloud-based services have become an essential component for companies. Through digital tools, optimized storage, and other similar perks, businesses who invest in this solution can easily improve their workflow. By closing a deal with a vendor, you can improve your company’s IT infrastructure without hiring an in-house team.

Final Takeaways

Outsourcing will change over time, but it will be here to stay. With business activity at an all-time high, outsourcing services are expected to remain relevant in the coming years. These five trends are not the end — as technology, markets, industries, and societies evolve, more will come up. The important thing is to keep them all in mind to find success and make your outsourcing partnerships easier.


Trevor Michael is Managing Director and a Customer Contact Industry Specialist for Select VoiceCom, an inbound call center with telemarketing and IT support services. He has operated successfully within this niche industry for over ten years across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. 



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