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5 Sneaky Tricks Big Companies Use To Increase Sales Easily


Everyone who is starting a business should study successful companies. There is a good reason why they’ve become so successful. If you copy some tricks they use it’s possible to increase your profits much quicker.

Big companies don’t share marketing secrets with the competition, so you need to study what they’re doing all the time.

Let’s discuss a few popular things you’ll be able to implement when getting started.

1. Teach People About Your Product.

Most companies talk about the features and benefits of their products to generate sales. If you teach people about products you will sell more. Let’s say you wanted to teach people about a custom sauce by Giraffe Foods.

You might make videos showing all the food it can go on. Give people a virtual tour of the factory to show how it’s made. I know you think basic product pages on your website are enough, but you’re throwing away lots of money.

2. Mass Emails To Acquire Backlinks.

If you want to generate more search traffic you’ll need to get better google rankings. Massive companies can do it by spending money to acquire links on other sites, which you won’t be able to do because it costs too much.

But you can email as many websites as possible asking them to link back to your site. Send thousands of emails even though you’ll only catch a few fish. You can use software to find contact details and send out emails.

3. Use Great Copywriting Everywhere.

The majority of companies don’t have a full-time copywriter in the team, so they might hire someone to write a sales page or product description. But you need good copywriting no matter what you’re doing.

If you have a food company make sure it’s on the sauce packaging. All emails to customers should be carefully crafted. You even need to think very carefully about the words you post on social media because it can help sales.

4. Create An Exclusive Club For Fans.

Some brands ask fans to pay them a certain amount of money every month. This gives them early access to new products, good discounts, entry into competitions, weekly webinars, and lots of other wonderful things.

You might be able to create something similar if your loyal followers wouldn’t mind giving you a few extra bucks per month. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but when you add everything together it makes a difference.

5. Use Contests With Amazing Prizes.

Asking someone to promote your site for the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card isn’t going to work. When you offer better prizes it’s a good way to increase traffic. Start small if you want to maximize your return on investment.

You can make sure people help you out in a few different ways before they’re in with a chance of winning. For example, someone might need to sign up to your email list and share your website on Twitter to be eligible.

It’s Tough To Stand Out.

You will find it tough to stand out when there is so much competition on the internet, so continue to think of more smart ways to keep up with the big players.