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Increasing Footfall In Your Store: 4 Ways It Can Be Achieved


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As a small start-up business, you’ll be eager to get customers into your store and making purchases. However, the idea of competing with some of the heavy hitters on your local high street can make this simple task sound incredibly daunting.

Increasing the footfall in your store doesn’t always mean having constant flash sales and undermining your profit margins to get people through the door. Sometimes, making small changes to the inner workings of your retail store can help encourage customers not just to step over the threshold, but to make a purchase and return time after time.

In this post, we’ll explore 4 ways you can increase footfall in your store.

1. Provide Multiple Ways to Pay.

Are you only accepting cash at the moment? What about credit and debit cards? Or Apple and Google Pay? It might sound like a minute detail but understanding how credit card processing works and offering multiple ways to pay for your products and services can make a real difference to the footfall levels in your store.

If potential customers know that you accept cards and other options, they’ll take advantage of that convenience and be more likely to choose you over a competitor that doesn’t. This kind of approach also means they’re more likely to share their experience with colleagues and friends and family, increasing footfall in your store through word of mouth.

3. Invite Influencers or Local Experts.

If you’re a café or restaurant hoping to boost your footfall, or you’re a small independent retail store, looking for more exposure, then reaching out to influencers or local experts can help. Consider asking local influencers or journalists to discover your store or eatery in return for some freebies or store credit. Their influence could easily increase footfall in your store.

4. Make Your Enterprise a Place to Be.

Maybe you own a bookstore, a small café or even a toy shop, making your bricks and mortar business a place to be, can help increase footfall. You could host music events for local bands to perform whilst customers eat their meals, invite authors or experts to host book signings or creative writing discussions or perform demonstrations of products to get people through the door. You can advertise on the day, or use your social media pages to build up excitement.

4. Update Your Signage.

If you’ve recently taken over your store, then the signage may need updating. Eye-catching and interesting signage can make all the difference to your local high street and make your store easier to find. You should also consider advertising elsewhere in your local area to encourage people to visit. From posters and A-boards on street corners to flyers and stands in your local park, The possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts.

If footfall in your store is a little slow, don’t be discouraged, consider the points above to increase interest and visitors to your store. And, utilise the power of social media to evoke excitement around your shop.



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