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Small Business Ideas For Military Veterans


The hard work ethic and discipline of veterans make them ideal business owners. That’s why many veterans get into entrepreneurship after returning to civilian life. In 2021, veteran-owned businesses account for 5.9% of all companies in America. For many, their special training determines their business path.

Here are some of the most popular small business ideas for military veterans.

Logistics Support Services

For acquiring capital to start a business, veterans can go through the VA loan process. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a special department dedicated to helping veterans. They should be veteran’s first stop when looking to start a business. Also, the US Department of Veterans Affairs offers many small business grants for veterans. These are ideal because they don’t need to be paid back.

For veterans specializing in logistics, a business that provides logistic support services is a natural fit. Lots of companies, events, and organizations rely on solid logistics. A veteran can bring sharp focus and rigid discipline to a logistics business. There are currently lots of logistics and transport companies that are veteran-owned. An example is the Southwest Florida Moving and Auto Transport company from Fort Myers, FL. They’re an Army-veteran-owned operation offering 24/7 fleet maintenance in the area.

Teaching Bushcraft and Disaster Prepping Classes

Many veterans received extensive training in wilderness survival in the military. That’s why they choose to teach courses on the subject after retiring from service. Lots of average civilians lack any survival knowledge, making it a valuable skill to teach. Disaster preparation is another course many veterans like to instruct. Always staying prepared with the necessary supplies is a mainstay of military knowledge.

Running a Gym

Veterans undergo strict exercise routines during military service. Many choose to stay in shape after returning to civilian life. As a result, running a gym is a natural business path for veterans. For those well-versed in martial arts, MMA gyms are in high demand these days. The same goes for boxing gyms and general-purpose gyms. A knowledgeable veteran with a tenacious work ethic can start a successful gym.

Starting a Shooting Range/Firearms Training

As with the other examples, a shooting range in the United States is something that veterans are already familiar with. That’s especially true for Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, and Marines. Veterans that have extensive firearms knowledge and training make natural shooting range owners. Their hard work ethic also allows them to thrive on the business side of things.

Private Security Companies

There’s always a high demand for quality security guards. Veterans are a perfect fit for assembling a team of well-trained security guards. Security is a gigantic field that covers many industries. Many businesses, hotels, and organizations need security teams to watch their properties. Then there’s also event security and even cybersecurity for veterans savvy with technology.

With veterans’ discipline and unique skills, there are many businesses they can run with great success. We’re sure to see the number of veteran-owned businesses continue to rise in the near future.