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App Development Cost: How To Save Your Budget


When it comes to mobile app development, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the average cost to develop an app. In 2021, prices vary from $20,000 to $250,000, depending on many different factors, such as the development process, app complexity, and more.

Keep on reading here to figure out how app development cost progresses and how to keep it down, without compromising the quality of the app.

Factors That Determine the App Development Cost

According to Statista, consumers are projected to download 196 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store in 2021. With the yearly number of app downloads, which reaches 178+ billion, it is expected to grow steadily to 258 billion by 2022. These statistics entail the considerable spending on various factors involved in the app development process, thus forming an average app price.

The average cost to develop an app is influenced by many factors, such as the development process, the type and structure of the app, the developers’ experience level, etc. Read on to learn about the most crucial factors of an app’s price creation.

Application Type.

The application type is the fundamental factor that most influences the average cost of developing an app. The more sophisticated the business app model is, the more time should be spent on its development. As a result, the cost associated with establishing the app  will also expand further. For example, the app development timeline for the creation of a mobile app for internal operation requires fewer functionalities compared to an eCommerce app. 

Vendor Type and Location.

The vendor type and their location also play a significant role in determining your average cost to develop an app. Thus, for example, if you hire a freelancer or a company from the USA, the average hourly development rate will be upward of $100 an hour. But in eastern countries like India, this rate will be as low as $20/hour, and in Ukraine it’s about $40-60 per hour. However, consider that these are just the averages, and the actual average cost of app development may vary depending on the development partner you hire.

Complexity and the Number of App Features.

The average cost to develop an app cost may vary based on the app’s functionality. If your project requires advanced features for seamless performance and a better user experience, you should be ready for extra cost. 

For instance, apps with social media integration imply the appropriate APIs and gateways to exchange datasets integration. Hence, every single addition of features complicates the app development process, which results in additional expenses. 

Complexity of UX/UI Design.

Each step of your app development needs to be intuitive and slick enough to keep the user’s attention. Therefore, you should consider the complexity of your UX/UI design when estimating a budget for your future app.

Development Approach.

There are several development approach variations: native, cross-platform, hybrid, rapid, and progressive. As a project owner, you might need to choose one of these options, taking into consideration the difficulty level of your project. Your choice will also influence the average cost of developing an app, so try to understand each component to determine the appropriate solution.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support.

Every mobile app requires periodic maintenance and adequate technical assistance. Therefore, you would need to raise your budget to account for the refinement of the app.

How to Save On Your Budget For App Development

If you are wondering how much it costs on average to develop an app, it probably means you want to know how to plan a budget for your own application. But before defining how much money you need to create your mobile app, you need to figure out how to build a powerful application, yet at a low cost. Check out the following tips to understand how to save money on your app development. 

Discovery Phase.

The discovery stage can help you lower the average cost of developing your app significantly. It allows developers to clarify all the elements of the future app before launching the development process, thus helping to avoid unnecessary spending.


Outsourcing the project to an offshore development team will also help you reduce the average cost of developing your app. 


To reduce the software development costs for your MVP (minimal viable product), you need to perform the following steps:

  • prioritize and start with the essential features;
  • choose your cross-platform development;
  • adopt an appropriate project management approach;
  • use continuous integration and continuous deployment;
  • choose a trusted IT service provider partner.


To save on app development, you don’t have to be an experienced developer yourself. Consider the information herein and follow the tricks mentioned in this article to lower your app costs without influencing its structure or quality.


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