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5 Ways To Transform New Hires To Top Talents


There’s no doubt that the employees and staff can make or break the business. Failure to engage your new hires will lead to lower productivity and, in turn, increase your turnover. Whatever industry you belong to, it’s necessary to administer the right strategies in order to retain your new hires and convert them into assets in your company.

Employee retention has many perks. This will save your business from incurring recruitment costs and energy because of constantly hunting for candidates. Often, the competition amongst great new hires can be pretty tight and tough. To lessen such instances, create ways to retain your newbies.

Here are some tips to increase employee retention, while transforming your new hires into brilliant talents in the company:

Understand That Retention Begins With Recruiting

Many companies tend to forget the impact recruitment usually makes. Always remember that retention begins from the very beginning of the application process. 

First, you must identify what elements of culture and strategy you’d like to emphasize, and, then, find candidates who possess those attributes. Taking advantage of psychometric assessments can help your business identify the perfect candidates, while you help them develop their talents and skills. 

The standard process of hiring the right candidate is that the longer they stay in your company, the more productive they become. Therefore, it’s a long-term investment, and you must create ways to make sure your recruitment process has included clarity about your company values and goals. This will engage your new hires to be part of your company’s success. 

Make Them Feel They Belong To The Team.

Depending on the position, new hires could work independently or as part of a team. Whatever job you’ll be giving your employees, they should learn how to work and collaborate with a team. A hiring manager can do a lot to help employees build effective working relationships with their peers. 

For new hires, prepare and organize a meet and greet session wherein they can interact with the rest of the team members. Making the new hires feel welcome and connected to the team will prove to be a small initial investment that can pay off in the long run. 

Create Efforts For Accelerated Learning.

New hires may accomplish more in their critical first months after joining the organization if they learn about their respective roles quickly. Teach them how they can get the most of their job. Several factors need to be taken into consideration before managers can accelerate their learning process

Their learning journey in the company is categorized into three groups. First, get them familiar with the technical side of the business. Let them learn about the products, development, processes, and technologies. Secondly, expose them to the values and culture of the organization. This will eventually make them understand what the behavioral norms are in the company. Lastly, they must know the ranking of the organization. Knowing how decisions are made and who’s in charge of who’ll eventually expedite their learning in the company. 

All these factors will keep them supported, informed, and motivated overall. In these learning journeys, managers should be keen on monitoring and assessing their learning process. This way, they can continuously be guided.

Allow Them To Connect With Stakeholders.

The new hires’ learning and success are likely to impact many additional stakeholders besides the immediate team. Some managers or people in the company overlook how important this is. However, it’s one way to strengthen the motivation of a new hire to engage with the company. Allow them to build a network with stakeholders. Encouraging your employees to be involved in this way will broaden their network and allow them to feel more valued by the company. 

Provide Promotion Opportunities.

Employees who are promoted from within aren’t only able to achieve more in terms of compensation and responsibilities, but they also feel valued, and that they’re a vital part of the business. Therefore, it’s a crucial aspect to open room for promotions in your internal organization. Teach them how to identify promotion opportunities. The moment they know they can improve their career in your company, this will generate more interest on their end, as well as encourage them to seek higher goals in their career journey.


New hires spend their first couple of weeks with your company like they’re treading on water. Thus, they need to be guided as much as possible. Onboarding, training, and welcoming them to the team, as well as providing opportunities are all crucial ways to transform them into significant assets of your company. Use the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be having loyal and productive employees over time. 


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