Rick De La Croix Has A Different Approach To Selling Luxury Watches


    Rick De La Croix

    Who is Rick De La Croix?

    Rick De La Croix is the Chief Executive Officer of Ares Distributors, Inc. De La Croix has over 25 years of experience in managing international luxury brands at the corporate level and entrepreneurially building his very own luxury brands from scratch.

    Pieric “Rick” Joel Vaucher De La Croix was born August 8th, 1967 in Pembury, England to parents of Swiss and English descent. His mother was English, his father was Swiss, and De La Croix was awarded dual English/Swiss citizenship as a birthright.

    He obtained his degree in Business Development from the International Business Development program at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland.

    Rick de la Croix believes that true and authentic luxury watches must successfully merge breathtaking aesthetics with eloquent precision in order to emerge victorious opposite the foreign and domestic assault of shiny, new imitation and less than luxurious timepieces on the market today.

    De La Croix’s foray into the luxury watch business began immediately following his graduation with a business degree from University in Switzerland. De la Croix took a job in marketing with Tag Heuer in Geneva. After marketing Tag Heuer watches, Rick then moved on to work for Dixie Group. Coincidentally, this same company owned Zenith. De La Croix also spent time working at Zodiac and Corum deepening his love for the world of luxury watches along with his knowledge for truly remarkable high-end timepieces.

    After gathering valuable luxury watch brand experience, Rick de la Croix took a year in 1992 and went on sabbatical in South America. After that sabbatical year in Colombia, South America, and a stint back in Switzerland again working for Corum beyond that eventually Colombia, the woman of his dreams, and the opportunity to build his own luxury goods distribution center in an underdeveloped part of the world pulled him back to South America.

    In 1997, De La Croix settled in Colombia, South America, and began DLC Trading, a distribution company that today goes by the name Myconian Luxury Group.

    “I wanted to get into a market that was undeveloped, that was challenging, where luxury brands had stayed away from,” De La Croix explains, “I chose Latin America, and I went down to Colombia and set up my company there. At the same time, I fell in love with and married a beautiful woman who is now the mother of my children.”

    Next to the woman of his dreams, Rick De La Croix built his company to manage the distribution of both Gucci and Versace Groups jewelry and watch divisions. De La Croix also worked very closely with Hublot’s owner, Jean Claude Biver, and the company’s CEO Richard Guadelupe, as a founding distribution partner for the premiere luxury watch business. These relationships and De La Croix’s distribution network was the beginning of what made Rick De La Croix the massive success that he is today.

    The list of brands De La Croix continued to work with included Hublot, HYT, Romaine Zenith and Graham. De La Croix also likes to attribute his success partially to his first home, the land of his birth, and the place some say where watch-making truly began in England.

    Today, De La Croix is the CEO of Ares Distributors, Inc., headquartered in Coconut Grove, Miami, USA.  Ares Distributors has a presence in the USA, Latin America, as well as a network throughout the Caribbean.  De La Croix employs the finest sales, marketing, and customer service professionals in the world to continue to grow his network throughout North and South America. Through top-notch sales and after-sales service, world-class marketing, and redefined retailer support, Ares Distributors has come to represent the face of luxury living in the Americas over the last decade. Ares’s represented luxury timepieces have attained unparalleled demand in Latin America, the US, and the Caribbean. Ares Distributors offers the world’s finest watches from luxury brands like Hublot, Zenith, Bomberg, Greubel Forsey, Bovet, MB&F, and L’épée.

    Rick De La Croix has a great love for his business but will tell you that a man’s only accessory necessities are a watch and a car. De La Croix will go out in a brand new luxury brand timepiece and show it off the way a woman on 5th avenue in NYC will go out to show off her new Berkin bag.

    The luxury watch distributor is not afraid to tell anyone he is more into the design than the modern technology that make-up these stylish, high-end timepieces.

    “I’m not mechanically minded; I’m more design-oriented. I’m inspired by watchmakers that push the edge of creating new designs. I like very much what Richard Mille does. And Greubel Forsey, They are trend-setting by doing something different on the aesthetic side. These are all watches that I would buy.” Ultimately, nothing can top Hublot for De La Croix.

    Rick De La Croix also has a life when the wristwatches come off. He has found a genuine love for charitable giving over the years.

    He plays a crucial role in many non-profit organizations. He sits on the boards of local Miami charities such as Ray Allen’s Ray of Hope Foundation, Alonzo Mourning’s foundation, and the Miami Heat Foundation. De La Croix helps rapper Ludacris with his foundation aiding groups like Atlanta’s Boys & Girls Club. Recently, De La Croix helped raise over one million dollars for the World Boxing Council and its list of charities in Las Vegas.

    Rick has two children, Rick Joel, and Paula De La Croix.


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