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3 Costly Mistakes When Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit


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Sometimes, it can be frustrating when you know you’re in the right and can get all the aid you need, but one small mistake completely jeopardizes your plans and ruins everything, just because you weren’t properly aware of the legalities related to the given situation. This is why we’re here to give you 3 of the most common mistakes most people make when filing a personal injury lawsuit, which you can most definitely avoid in the future if you ever happen to find yourself in such a situation. 

If you’re currently stuck in a similar case and you’re in need of legal advice, you can contact this well-known personal injury attorney in Las Vegas and make an appointment to discuss your needs. Without further ado, let’s get into the 3 mistakes you should avoid at all costs!

1. Never Leave the the Scene of the Accident.

Your first impulse might be to get away from the horrid scene and rush back home to your family, or to wherever you were headed to. However, this can cost you big time, because your presence in the scene of the accident is vital. Make sure you stay there while you report the incident to the police, and don’t lose any time and begin collecting the names and contact information of the eye witnesses present at the scene as this will prove to be of great importance in the future. 

Leaving the scene ruins your chances of collecting valuable evidence and also receiving compensation for your losses, so make sure you stick around till you’ve filed an official complaint.

2. Don’t Lie About Your Injuries.

As soon as you’ve just been through an accident, you might feel like exaggerating or even lying about your injuries in the heat of the moment, especially when you know that the accident wasn’t your fault and you deserve to receive compensation for all the losses you’ve suffered. However, lying about this can actually have more adverse effects than positive benefits. 

For example, if you’ve exaggerated or falsely claimed that you’ve been seriously injured, this could potentially ruin your chances of receiving any compensation if it’s discovered that you are not injured or as seriously injured as you claimed to be. However, this doesn’t mean that you act like you’re fine when you’re not. Instead, take a few minutes to make a list of where exactly you’re hurt and what all hurts, and then present that clearly when you’re making the formal complaint. 

3. Get Medical Help Immediately

If you’ve been injured, make sure you receive medical treatment on the very same day as soon as you file the complaint. Very often, people tend to trivialize small injuries and prefer going home if they don’t feel the need to go to the hospital immediately. This is a bad idea for 2 reasons. One, many serious injuries don’t show symptoms for days so you could actually be risking your life by not getting yourself examined immediately, and two, not having a record of the medical treatment you received even for small injuries can affect the compensation you receive when you present your case in court. 

This is because you will need to show records and proof for all the injuries you suffered, and not having evidence from a hospital you received treatment in greatly reduces your chances of getting help in the future. Always go to the hospital after an accident to make sure you’re completely okay and also hold on to all the records of your visit to the hospital, even if the injuries were minor and not life-threatening.



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