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Coworking Productivity Tips To Improve Your Business


The most significant disadvantage of the coworking business model is that it’s full of distractions. Critics state that employees have a hard time concentrating, there’s no tranquility, and the temptation to go off-duty is pretty big. 

Although such arguments have their merit, they’re far from absolute. There is no evidence to show a decline in the efficiency of coworking spaces. Many employees feel that they do a good job staying on duty.

Individuals who are new to remote work might struggle the most with productivity. Not because of the coworking setting, but because they haven’t yet developed the habits to work autonomously (and with accountability) on their own timetable. 

So, spending time at a coworking space might help them form good habits. Coworking spaces bridge the gap between working remotely and in an office setting. However, cultivating productivity in a coworking space requires certain things to be done right. 

Choose the Right Working Space for Your Team

It’s not only the functionality of having an office-like space to go to each day. Coworking spaces provide an energetic atmosphere where you meet other people, network, make appointments, and most significantly get your job done. 

They’re naturally societal and community-driven. Nowadays, coworking communities, like for example Yoko Village, are probably the largest motive force for coworking spaces. As a manager, you can consider renting space for your employees in such a community, which is a balanced combination of freelance artists, digital nomads, and modern entrepreneurs. 

Coworking spaces provide a sense of community that some workers can’t have outside of it. Also, coworking spaces have their own community managers to help people function properly and ensure that there are plenty of networking opportunities and after-work activities.

Invest in the Company Culture

In both startups or big organizations, the management must concentrate on promoting direct communication, trust, and making information available. 

So, at the beginning of your business journey, you must find out precisely what kind of culture and philosophy your company will stand for. Furthermore, you must define how you plan to communicate all that to both your employees and your customers.

Create Structure

Leaving responsibilities unspecified, especially in coworking business models, can lead to confusion and, worse, duplication of effort and wasted time. 

Consequently, having precise roles and duties will give your team a sense of accountability and promote responsibility, and both of those are essential to any company’s success.

Don’t Micromanage

The ideal way to encourage productivity and creativity in any coworking team is for the management to take a step back. 

Allow your team to manage their responsibilities freely and independently. If you trust them enough to employ them in your company, you should also be able to assign them a task and allow them to run with it. 

That will increase motivation and productivity. You’ll soon discover that the more ownership employees are able to take on their tasks, the better job they will do.

Consider a Business Accelerator

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of enrolling in an accelerator program. These types of specialized business programs can improve your growth by providing access to investment, coworking office space, and mentoring from leading companies. 

An accelerator scheme can offer everything your business needs to help it succeed, including access to local mentors and mentors in the entire international coworking ecosystem.

Take Advantage of Technology

The ultimate tip for increasing the productivity of your coworking business model is to start using the proper tools of technology for the productivity of your employees. 

Technology is rapidly changing the whole business scene, and it enables employees to be more capable and innovative. Additionally, it helps them stay connected on an internal and external level, and makes them feel creative and driven.

Technology can definitely be a blessing or an advantage for your company. However, it all depends upon how you are utilizing the technological tools for your venture’s sake. 

Today, there are many tools accessible that will improve the output and proficiency for you, your business and employees, like analytics, accounting, or customer relationship management. Nevertheless, choosing the right ones for your daily operations is quite a predicament.

Final Words

There are many ways to increase productivity in a coworking business model, and all of them arise from the same premise: a systematic and content employee is a productive employee. Since most coworking companies are tech-based, it’s the employees and their skills that actually hold the worth. So, find time for your employees and find out their needs.



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