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5 Worthwhile Health & Wellbeing Perks For Your Employees


We’re now in the era of the ‘Great Resignation’.

In other words, many employees who have spent lockdown reflecting on how well their jobs really fit in with their lives (and whether the inherent hassle is worth the reward) are deciding that they’re taking the risk to do something different.

So as an employer, what can you do to keep hold of the people you value and whose vital contributions your corporate success rests on?

While a raise is always welcome, workers are seeking balance above all else right now, meaning genuinely useful wellbeing offers could be the key.

With that in mind, here are five worthwhile health and wellbeing perks for your employees.

1. Meal box subscriptions.

A healthy home-cooked meal after work is a tonic that anyone looks forward to coming home to.

Meal subscription services experienced a roaring trade during lockdown and remain popular, so why not offer new staff Hello Fresh free for their first month, with a reduced rate subscription thereafter?

2. Emotional intelligence training.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a hidden superpower which can boost your company culture and staff satisfaction and performance no end.

So first off, contact an organisation like The School of Life and have all of your leaders and managers complete their full suite of emotional intelligence training – then cascade it throughout your entire firm.

3. Mental health support.

Mental health in and outwith the workplace has always been a crucially important issue, but the pandemic has shone the spotlight on it more than ever before.

If you partner with workplace mental health advocates like Sanctus, you’ll encourage more healthy conversations about mental health, resolve longstanding issues and improve performance and awareness through a robust coaching system.

4. Gym discount.

A healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand, so offering staff discounted gym membership (or the equivalent in value for exercise gear if they don’t live near a gym) is a wise investment that’s likely to be welcomed by staff of all levels.

And it you really want to splash out, you could even build and in-house gym in the workplace itself!

5. Dental plan.

Dental treatment is expensive, not everyone is eligible for NHS treatment and good dental health can have a positive impact on confidence and self-worth.

Therefore offering employees a dental plan which includes access to highly-prized items like Portman Clear Braces is sure to be appreciated – particularly for staff who have been saving up for cosmetic dentistry for a while.

These five worthwhile health and wellbeing perks for your employees aren’t prohibitively expensive and they’re much cheaper than having to rehire staff who have served you well and cost money to develop.

Invest in them today and you’ll soon see an improvement in recruitment and retention – which benefits your bottom line and makes all stakeholders a whole lot happier!