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Label Design Tips To Promote Your Brand And Sell More Products


When you design a label for your product or service, you want it to be original and stand out. It will be used on your packaging or advertising to promote your brand. When you design a label, you should look at current trends, use unique photos or graphics, include white space, readable type that matches your design, quality print, and the correct label size. All these factors will help you with a good label design.

Hiring an agency or individual specializing in graphic design and product packaging will help you find the right ideas to compete with other companies.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re designing a new product label.

Follow The Current Label Design Trends

Vintage advertising that reminds consumers of the past years is always trendy. Antique jewelry, food, clothing photos, or illustrations add a nostalgic touch to a label. Use graphic symbols or illustrations to tell a story about your product or services. Your logo can have a person or character representing your brand, a photo, or a design. It should connect your customer emotionally to your brand.

A die-cut label is a way to show off your packaging with a clear, easy-to-read label and custom-designed style. It uses shapes and text to set your product label and packaging apart. They provide brand exposure and awareness of special causes. Die-cut stickers can be handed out as a promotional tool. Choosing the right colors for your label will add to its unique appeal and appeals psychologically to customers. Futuristic and retro designs are still trendy and effective for some labels and packaging.

Some consumers still like to see labels that convey luxury and extravagance in the product they are buying. Labels that use beautiful graphics, photos or illustrations, and rich text sell products. If your product is eco-friendly, using green, brown, or blue on your label will help convey the message. These are some trends to keep in mind with label design.

Choose A Readable and Appropriate Type Style

Choosing a readable and appropriate type style is important for your label. If your customer cannot read the label, they may not buy the product. The font color and size should be the right size. It should not clash with the graphic or design used for the label. A graphic designer and packaging expert can help you choose the best type for your label. Cursive types are sometimes hard to read. A consistent, easy-to-read typeface is your best choice.

White Space and Labels

White space is the background color of the label. It provides the space to make the label readable and well-designed. It separates the text and graphics, letting the customer take in the message and meaning of the whole label. It often provides a clean and minimalist look to the design. Often used in cosmetics and other products, it conveys simplicity and a product that is easy to use.

Try Typographic Pairing, Illustration and Design

Typographic pairing uses different styles of readable type to distinguish between different information on your label. It should be readable text in different styles that do not clash with each other. It can be used to create continuity by using the same font and varying its size. It is used to create a visual difference in the information conveyed in your label. Choosing the right type will set you ahead of your competition.

Think about having a graphic artist create an original illustration or graphic for your label to make it distinctive. This will give you a unique look and help you stand out among competitors. Do not copy competitors. You should strive to create an original label and design. Keep it simple when using graphics and illustrations. A cluttered label does not convey a message to customers. Research competitors to see what they are doing so you can create your own unique brand.

Invest in High Quality Printing

When choosing a printer or designer for your label, you should consider an agency that offers various printing services. Look for a company that offers four to six-color printing, clear custom labels, foil printing, digital print labels, embossed labels, die-cut labels, foil labels, gloss lamination, and a wide variety of services to choose from. This ensures they have the ability to print your label the way you want and ensure it is of the best quality. The right paper, ink, and tools will make your label stand out.