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How To Open An Escape Room Business


The escape room business furnishes you with a space to play desired escape games. Escape games persist generally for 1 hour, they differ in difficulty and time. Team members have to work together in solving riddles through the signs and clues provided. Businesses provide you with game rooms and the customers have to pay per game. Escape Rooms are gaining popularity nowadays so it is a good business to start.

You can start an escape room business through the given steps:

1. Propose your business.

You need a road map to start an Escape Room business. It will help you to figure out the particulars of your business. To make a road map of your business you need to consider few points:

  • Who is the recipient in the market?

The favoured candidates are those who choose to buy communal experiences rather than customer products. Coaches, businessmen, and supervisors also make large customers who want to furnish their players or clients with healthy team bonding experiences. The mathematical data shows that the clients working in the corporate sector comprise 20% of the escape room game players.

  • What are the expenses?

You require insurance and a business license to open an escape room business. The expense also depends on the rent, location, and the convolution of the space design. You must have $7,000 to $30,000 in your pocket to start an escape room business. Proper furniture and fittings are also required for setting up an ideal room. A few of the escape rooms have special designs including laser lights whereas others keep their design simple.

Other expenses involve restoring the pieces of equipment if needed. Social media management like website maintenance about escape room gaming is among the integral expenses.

  • How much do you charge from the consumers?

You can charge $25 to 30 dollars per person for playing the game for 1 hour. The huge venues permit only 12 players at a time whereas the compact venues allow merely 6 players.

  • How to make the business more flourishing?

You can make the business of escape rooms more profitable by opening more than one room with multiple games like this fox in a box escape room has. Since there is no issue of copyright, it is easy to use the ideas used by other escape room businesses. If your escape room is more communal and interactive, then it will attract more participants and ultimately increase your business. You can also spend on advertisements for your escape rooms which will make your business more profitable. Because many people are not familiar with the working of Escape room games.

  • How does an escape room game profit you?

You can make a profit by charging involvement fees from consumers for playing escape room games. The customers are bolted in a room and they attempt to escape within the time limit through the help of the given signs and solving riddles.

  • How to name your business?

Selecting a good name for your business is very challenging. An attractive name fascinates more customers towards your escape rooms and thus increases your business.

2. Formulate an organization.

You should establish an organization that can secure you from being personally accountable in case your escape room business is prosecuted. You can also hire LLC services.

3. Record taxes.

You need to lodge the small business taxes, state and federal taxes before you start your business. You need to enter for EIN which is free of cost.

4. Start a business bank account.

The usage of devoted business banking is an integral part of personal virtue preservation. In case your business and personal accounts get mixed up then your virtue is at risk and your business may be prosecuted.

5. Acquire important licenses and permission.

You should procure important licenses and permits which saves you from paying heavy fines and can even shut down your business.

6. Earn a business insurance.

Your business requires and insurance to function lawfully. Business insurance secures the financial well-being of your company in case of a covered loss.

7. Explicate your brand.

You should expand your brand so that your business spreads on a large scale. You can promote your escape room business through social media by advertisement.

8. Make your business website.

Design a unique logo of your business and create a business website to flourish your escape room business. You should make an attractive website – like the Wild Goose Escapes website – so that the customers can find about your escape room business easily through internet

9. Establish your business phone system.

You should also put up a phone system to flourish your business and increasing the connectivity of your escape rooms. It provides you with business legitimacy and makes it simple for customers to search and connect with you.


Thus, the escape room games business is a flourishing domain which can possibly furnish you with more profit than any other business in today’s era. Seeing the demand for it among the consumers also gives you a reason to start it.