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7 Signs That It’s Time To Update Your Website Design


You’ve had your store’s business website up and running for a few years and aren’t sure if it needs to be updated. What are the signals that things need to be changed? If things in your site are exactly as they were when you introduced them a few years ago.

Here’s a list of telltale symptoms that show your website is in desperate need of that update you’ve been putting off for months.

The loading speed is slow.

Times have changed in the digital world. Once, webpages took as long as three minutes to load, which was considered very fast. Today, if a webpage takes that long, it would be regarded as the slowest page to use.

That said, when you realize that the loading speed has become slower even by a microsecond while using a good internet connection, the design must be updated. Some of the elements you are using on the site might be causing the lag, and upgrading or removing them might increase the loading speed.

When the design is old and outdated.

Once, the launch of a new website was a jaw-dropping experience. This same experience is what users should get to feel every time they go online. If users do not get this effect when loading a page, it means that this site probably needs that revamp ASAP. When you have the same boring font with the same old colors you had five years ago, that site needs that make-over!

If your website design is indeed old and outdated, you might need to redo it! Start by looking at website design inspiration to get some ideas of how you want your new site to look. And don’t stress! Do research on modern web design trends, make a plan for how you want your site to look and then just do it! You can even hire an expert web designer to help you out if you don’t have the time or skills to work on it yourself. It will all be worth it in the end because your site will look great and it will attract more visitors and entice them to stay on your site longer. 

User experience is non-satisfactory.

Feedback from your clients and subscribers is essential. Therefore, when you are receiving complaints constantly about the site hanging or not loading correctly, this is a sign. It is known that the customer is always right, and so when you fix the design promptly, they will feel heard and appreciated. Suppose you do not do anything about their complaints, you lose these clients and many more that would have been coming your way.

When some elements on the site are non-responsive.

Whenever a button on the site does not respond when clicked, that needs to be fixed. But when it is happening more often, then the whole design needs to be revamped. Just imagine if this happens to the call to action button. Can you imagine the number of leads you will be missing out on? That said, when one or two elements are non-responsive and a quick fix only temporarily solves this, it is recommended to get the whole site checked and remodeled.

When some elements on your site have become obsolete.

Suppose one element like the gif under your tagline is not valid anymore or has become dull – it needs to go. This applies to any other part that has served its purpose and is no longer needed on your site. Some things should also be added to keep the site new and trendy. If this is the case in your site, then it means it is time for a deeper remodeling.

When you need to add more quality elements to your site.

Technology is constantly shifting. Today, most websites have a live chat and many more elements and tools that make the client experience better. So much so, that it has become crucial to add them to most sites. If you feel the need to add these features into your site but your outdated design cannot support their format, then an update is needed asap. Adding these elements will increase your site’s value, thus inviting more people to interact with your business.

When the analytical reports are not satisfactory.

When you check the reports on your site’s performance, do you notice a dip, rise, or plateau? When you see a decrease in traffic or a plateau, the site needs a revamp. A plateau indicates that the same amount of people are coming back to the site, and if they are not finding anything of value to see, they will leave and look for it in a different area. A change in website design can help you raise these numbers and make your site a success again.

Bottom line.

Even before the viewer notices the content on a site, websites rely on their appearance. As a result, if a site is outdated or has an old and dull design, visitors are likely to leave and seek a site that attracts their interest more. No website owner should be left behind, especially since digitalization in website design and development is on the rise. Updates can assist you in attracting new clients while also allowing you to retain the ones you already have. So, if any of the indicators listed above appear, update that webpage.