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What To Do After A Car Accident


Few things can be as terrifying as a car accident.  We all want to protect ourselves and those we care about, and yet it can be hard to do when things are as out of control as a car crash.  Instead of panicking, it’s important to try and keep a level head and make your way through this process.

Panic and frustration will only complicate things further, so keep a level head and remember that you can get through this.

Assess Injuries of Everyone Involved.

Check-in on the physical health of everyone involved.  If someone seems to have a neck or head injury: do not attempt to move them. Instead, turn on your hazard lights, and try to force everyone to safety.  If that means pulling off onto the shoulder of the road: do it.  Stopping another collision should be on the top of your to-do list here.  Check-in on whoever is in the other vehicle and make sure that they’re okay as well.  Now isn’t the time for anger or lashing out.

Call for Help if Needed.

If someone needs medical help, or if the crash is large enough and there’s disagreement on fault, it’s time to call for emergency help.  Let the operator know of any injury and if you need an ambulance and a police vehicle.  If the other drivers need emergency care, you must mention that as well.  There doesn’t need to be multiple calls for the same crash or accident.  If someone needs to be towed, now is the time to call for that help as well.

Take Photo Evidence of the Scene.

While you’re talking to the other driver and waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, take pictures of the crash.  Show the impact, take photos of any injuries that may have occurred if they’re visible, take the time needed to create a good layout of what happened and why it happened. Also, please take photos of the other drivers’ vehicles, including their tags and car damage.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Information.

You must exchange insurance information and contact information here.  If you can, try texting or calling them while on the scene to ensure the number they gave you is correct.  If they seem unsure about it, don’t be afraid to ask if you can take a picture of their drivers’ license.  You have to protect yourself and ensure that you have all of the information needed to be financially liable.  Don’t admit fault, or apologize, unless it’s your fault and you’re willing to accept that in court.

Seek Legal Counsel If There Are Complications.

If you need to find a car accident lawyer in Scranton: do it. Make sure to ask more information from your lawyer about your case. Don’t accept it if the insurance company tries to say they won’t cover what you need or tries to say that you were at fault when you weren’t.  Having your premiums skyrocket can damage your monthly budget and can be a lot to undertake. On the other hand, if this has to go to court, it might be worth it to ensure that you’re not on the hook for all of the medical and car repair bills.