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A Look At The Management Side Of Nursing


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A lot is going on in the background of the nursing industry. Yes, the frontline nursing team is essential and does a lot to make sure everyone is healthy, but the management side is important, too.

The following will pull the curtain back a bit so that you can see how things work in the background.

In-House Upward Mobility

One interesting thing about the management side of this industry is that it’s filled with experienced folks. Many industries hire managers and other top talent straight out of school without giving them much frontline experience. That’s not usually the case with nursing management positions. The folks here were probably registered nurses for some time before they signed up for accredited BSN to DNP programs online to advance their careers. That kind of upward mobility is precious, especially when you pay attention to other industries out there.

In rare instances, management may hire nurses without licenses and registration, but typically, these individuals have limited access to various procedures. Their responsibilities primarily revolve around providing basic care and assistance. For many nurses who aim to stand out in the industry and advance in their careers, their initial step often involves passing the NCLEX exam with the help of professionals or by independent learning using a free study guide for the NCLEX RN exam. This examination, whether taken to become a registered nurse (NCLEX-RN) or licensed practical nurse (NCLEX-PN), unlocks numerous opportunities and opens the way for continuous professional growth.

Data Collection is Vital

A big part of management also deals with data management. Making sure patient data is perfectly recorded and stored is of the utmost importance. It not only makes billing easier, but it also helps everyone else in the hospital or clinic. Having the right data makes it easier to see potentially dangerous patient changes and makes positive changes easier to see. It makes diagnosing a patient easier because the data collection was taken seriously.

The management side of nursing ensures that all data is collected on time. Doing this has gotten more straightforward, though, thanks to digital data collection, making sharing data more efficient.

Patient Satisfaction Matters

Another big task for management is making sure patient satisfaction is high. This means ensuring nursing staff is spending enough time with each patient and asking follow-up questions. In addition, it means that management will be working hard to reduce wait times as much as possible. The longer a patient has to wait to be called, the higher the chances of feeling negative about the practice. If enough patients start to dislike the hospital or clinic, everyone suffers, especially if they say something online.

Many potential patients will read reviews, and if there are enough negative reviews, attracting new patients will be challenging. On the other hand, happy patients usually lead to patients willing to listen to nurse and doctor recommendations, which is a good thing.

Cost-Effectiveness is a Goal

Nurse management also involves paying attention to spending. Tests, time spent with a patient, and even tiny mistakes can cost the hospital money. Management is going to be working hard to figure out how to reduce some of these costs.

This is a good thing for several reasons. For one, it means the hospital or clinic gets to keep more of the revenue generated there. On top of that, less work means the patient’s bill is going to be lower. In addition, patients fall in love with a clinic or hospital that tries to be fair regarding pricing, especially considering the high cost of healthcare in this country. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s something management always wants to do.

Analyzing Nurse Talents

Analyzing each nurse and their talents is a big deal in the management side of nursing. Management has to move nurses around to the areas where they’re most effective. This sometimes means changing schedules around, and sometimes, it means shuffling tasks around. Management may have to give nurses tasks they’ve never performed before to see if they excel at it or not. Managing talent efficiently makes the nurse department run a little smoother. You’ll also notice that doing this will help improve patient satisfaction, and you just learned how important that is.

Now, you’ve gotten to see what goes on for the management side of nursing. Hopefully, some of this information helps you value this profession even more and enables you to see how much of a well-oiled machine nursing has to be.



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