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3 Reasons Why Call To Action Is A Must On Your Flyers


Have you ever bought a piece of build-it-yourself furniture without a manual? Or perhaps received a business card without contact details? Frustrating, right? There’s a simple logic behind instruction manuals or contact details: making your audiences’ lives easier by directing them towards the next step

The same logic applies when using a flyer maker. Using a flyer maker ensures that the final product of your flyer includes all the necessary elements for a catchy and effective flyer. It consists of the must-have specific command that invites your audience to take action. This invitation is aptly named call to action or, more commonly known as CTA.

What is a call to action? It is a commanding word or phrase designed to make the next step for your audience easier. It tells them explicitly what to do and where to go next based on your flyer’s content. Think of it as signposts – a clear and concise visual guiding your audience towards a precise direction.

The most basic function of a call to action is to prompt your audience to engage with your brand. Put it this way: unless you ask, they will never do. That is why a call to action feature is a must on your flyers.

Here are three reasons why:

1. It signals your audience what to do next.

A person is exposed to at least 6,000 adverts daily! As a result, information overload happens, causing your audience to be overwhelmed and unable to complete the process that your flyer is aiming for them to accomplish.

This is why a compelling CTA is a must. Think of call to action like signposts and enabling your audience to have quick access to the brand’s intended content. It narrows down your audience’s next course of action by clearly dictating what they should do next.

Designing and producing a catchy flyer takes time, especially creating one from scratch. This is why it’s handy to utilize flyer maker apps. It provides easy-to-edit and customizable templates that allow the user to create flyers in minutes while ensuring that a call to action section is included.

Imagine producing a well-designed flyer that piques your audience’s interest, but there’s no further direction on how to ‘Learn More’ or where to ‘Book Now’. Omitting a CTA from your flyer leaves your customer equipped with content but at a dead end, which is to be avoided at all costs.

2. It encourages brand engagement.

The difference between brand awareness versus brand engagement is comparable to window shopping versus picking up the product – whether it’s to learn more or put it in their cart. One is passive, and the latter is intentional. While brand awareness is essential, a brand can only go so far with visibility. To be relevant and successful, it needs to catch the audience’s attention to engage with what you are promoting or advertising.

For a call to action to be effective, its content must suit the brand and your audience. While a standard CTA might work for Brand A, it doesn’t mean it will drive engagement for Brand B. Your CTA’s rhetoric must reflect the brand’s tone for it to elicit a response. Flyer maker apps like Venngage make it easy and convenient for its customizable template to be consistent with a brand’s standard – from fonts, brand colors, and logos. Consistency creates curiosity; curiosity creates interest, which leads to engagement!

Adding a call to action to your flyer persuades your audience to engage with your brand, however, and whichever your need or desired outcome may be. 

3. Boosts conversion.

Your flyer has persuaded your audience to the appropriate next step, and they have

engaged with your brand. So the CTA has done its purpose, right? Pretty much, but not entirely.

As with all marketing and promotional materials, its ultimate return on investment is conversion. A call to action is a trigger and has been found to boost conversion rates by 80% when executed correctly.

Depending on the goal you are trying to achieve, plenty of call-to-action examples are suitable to include in your flyer.

Is it for brand visibility? Are you looking to generate more leads? Is your target to increase sales?

When you have set your target goal, then you can create your call to action. Before you do, keep in mind to ensure that your CTA has minimal cost or risk with a clear and concise message. CTAs that imply a ‘catch’ might deter your audience from taking action.

  • Get my free demo!
  • I want my free trial!
  • Learn more
  • Contact us!

Another thing, evoke a sense of urgency with your audience.

  • Sign up today!
  • Freebies when you sign-up today!
  • Offer expires soon. Book now!

Today where everything is within our fingertips’ reach, it might be tempting to assume that spelling out the next step to your audience is unnecessary. But, unfortunately, that perception can’t be any more incorrect.

Adding a call to action to your flyer pays off and is worth making room for. If your flyer doesn’t ask the audience to take action, then the audience probably won’t.