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How To Manage Your Service Providing Company


Managing a service business is all about devotion, good planning, and the right tools.

Like no other area, a service business often comes with strong challenges and high-level uncertainties, because the marketplace tends to change rapidly making it hard to have a full picture of different circumstances.

Still, managing it isn’t mission impossible, but more a matter of knowledge and good skills. Here is how you can manage your service providing the company better and stress-free.

Have The Best Software Possible

The digital era means that you have access to the most efficient and most trustworthy tools ever. You can access any data with a single click, especially if the software was custom-made for your business.

If you want to manage your service business properly you need to have the proper software. Having proper software means that you know that management is important.

Therefore, you should choose management software with more functions such as NetSuite SRP – NetSuite Service Resource Planning (SRP) aims to manage the best way possible the core of service companies.

NetSuite SRP offers different features that depend on each other, and include:

  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Timesheet Management
  • Expense Management
  • Analytics

Know Your Customers

The key to running a good business is to have a good relationship. One of the most important relationships that you have to create and maintain is a connection with your customers.

Try whenever possible to learn as much as you can about your customers: ask them about your offering, what would they improve, how satisfied or not they are, what you have to offer, and so on.

If you are a hairstylist, ask your customer if he or she would love to see something new as a regular offer. To get the fast answer, just ask how much they like their new look – you’ll be surprised to learn just how far an honest approach can take you.

Be Honest On What You Can Do

Every business goes through different phases – after all, it’s not easy to grow a business from the start-up phase to a scalable business with well-developed processes and operations.

Every phase enables certain actions, and the start-up phase is usually the most chaotic one.

During this phase, the chances are you will try to accept as many jobs as you can. Be careful about this one, because when you say ‘yes’ to a client you are making a promise that you will do a solid job and deliver on time.

Do not accept the job, unless you are 100% sure that you can deliver on time and as promised.

Pro tip: The best and the fastest way to grow your business is to under promise and over-deliver.

The Bottom Line

There are countless ways to boost your service business if you really invest your time, energy, and resources into it.

On top of that if you choose to really get to know your customers and what they need the success is guaranteed. Last, but not least, know that it’s perfectly fine to say ‘no.’

If you feel that a customer could bring you more trouble than benefits you have the right to refuse the service. By being honest you can actually attract more clients, and better clients, than you, may have initially planned.