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How To Grow Your Mobile Marketing List In 5 Easy Steps 


A healthy subscriber list is one of the most essential elements of your mobile marketing strategy. If you’re not continuously working to reach new audiences, you’re not going to see growth in your mobile marketing campaigns. 

Whether your main focus is email, SMS marketing, mobile push, or social media – having an ever-growing subscriber list is critical to the success of your campaigns. 

The good news is, growing your subscriber list doesn’t have to be a huge task. There are various ways you can reach new audiences and attract new subscribers to your list. In this article, we’ll talk about a few easy ways to get more subscribers and then provide you with ten platforms to make your mobile marketing efforts even easier. 

Here’s a quick look at the steps we’ll cover:

  1. Offer exclusive content
  2. Promote across multiple channels
  3. Provide incentives for joining
  4. Run mobile marketing contests

5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Subscriber List

Growing your subscriber list can often feel like one of the most challenging parts of your mobile marketing strategy, but it doesn’t have to be. There are tons of different ways to reach your audiences and provide them with the content they want for your brand. 

This section will look at a few simple things you can do to reach more subscribers quickly. From offering subscriber-only exclusive content to running fun contests that get people excited — you can easily find ways to reach new audiences who want to hear from your brand. 

1. Offer Exclusive Content.

When it comes to enticing people to join your subscriber list, it often comes down to what you have to offer them. Exclusive content is a great way to provide users with something they have to subscribe to to receive and pique their sense of curiosity.

Exclusive content is one of the top reasons people choose to subscribe to a company’s mobile marketing campaigns. While it might not be the leading reason, it’s vital to ensure you’re creating some sort of exclusivity for your subscribers, or they may not see the value in your messages.

There are a variety of different ways to add exclusive content to your mobile marketing strategy, including things like: 

  • Exclusive discounts and offers
  • The ability to become an insider
  • An opportunity to get products before everyone else
  • Be the first to hear about company or product news
  • Products only available to subscribers 

These different elements provide some sort of exclusive content for users who have decided to opt-in to your marketing campaigns. This means you need to ensure that your mobile marketing campaigns live up to your subscribers’ standards. 

The more you engage with your audiences, the more you can learn about what content resonates best with them. This will allow you to identify what types of content you should be creating and improve the relevancy of your exclusive content — making it even more enticing to your audiences. 

Exclusivity is not only a great way to attract new audiences, but it will provide your current subscribers with a reason to stick around. 

2. Promote Across Multiple Channels.

Leveraging all of your marketing channels will provide you with an opportunity to grow your mobile marketing subscriber list. From in-store signage to promote your other marketing channels via social media – there are tons of ways to cross-promote your mobile marketing campaigns. 

Think about it this way, if you already have a substantial email marketing list or social media following, why not tap into that to grow your SMS or mobile app list? Cross-channel marketing is a great way to leverage the relationships you already have to grow your subscriber list. It will also improve your list health by adding more users who are already interested in your brand. 

Here are a few examples of how you can cross-promote your mobile marketing channels

  • Use welcome emails to promote your other mobile marketing channels
  • Implement a preference center that lets your customers identify how they want to engage with your brand
  • Optimize your website calls-to-action to include all of your mobile marketing subscriptions 
  • Make opting in simple with a one-click opt-in process

Engaging with audiences on various platforms can be much easier than you think, and the more channels you can engage with your audiences on, the better. 

Simply relying on your website to increase revenue isn’t enough. You need to engage with your audiences across multiple channels to make the most out of your mobile marketing strategy truly. By doing this, you’ll quickly increase your revenue opportunities and see a higher return on investment.

By cross-promoting your mobile marketing channels, you’ll be able to engage audiences who are already interested in your content quickly. This will provide you with higher campaign metrics and add touchpoint to their customer journey.

3. Add Call-to-Actions on Your Website.

Adding pop-ups and calls-to-action on your website is a great way to grab the attention of your site visitors and encourage them to sign-up for your mobile marketing campaigns. 

Website pop-ups can appear at a few different points during the user’s experience. Here are a few common examples of when you might want to have a website pop-up to appear

  • After browsing the page for a few minutes
  • When they scroll halfway down the page
  • Before the user hits the X button on their browser 

Pop-ups are a great way to capture user attention once they’ve been on your site for a while or right before they leave. They are also an excellent opportunity to put a discount or incentive in front of them before they go, something that might entice them to subscribe and make a purchase.  

Adding a little incentive to your pop-ups might be just what your customers need to decide to make a purchase. Knowing when and how to reach your customers via website pop-ups can make all the difference for your mobile marketing campaign.

While pop-ups can be a potent tool, you don’t want to overuse them. Depending on their placement and frequency, they can be a leading cause of a poor customer experience – something that won’t aid in your subscriber growth efforts. 

4. Provide Incentives for Joining.

One of the most effective ways to grow your subscriber list is to provide people with an incentive. This might be a coupon for 15% off or free shipping, whatever the case maybe — it needs to be an offer that provides them with enough incentive to subscribe. 

Gaining access to coupons and discounts is one of the top reasons people choose to subscribe to mobile marketing channels. If you’re not already practicing this in your mobile marketing strategy, you’ll want to start. 

Although most people feel that they may choose not to subscribe to a company’s text message program, those who want to receive coupons show you that you need to provide your subscribers with something of value or not willing to give you their personal information.

Think about all the times that you’ve been browsing a website and adding items to your cart just to realize it was a little more expensive than you expected. But then you receive a message about joining their subscriber list in exchange for 20% off – chances are good you made that trade-off to get the items you wanted at a lower price. 

This is true for most shoppers and is a great way for you to continue to grow your subscriber list and keep those who have already subscribed active and engaged because it doesn’t stop once they’ve subscribed. You’ll want to keep providing your audiences value and special discounts to keep the content relevant to their needs. 

5. Run Mobile Marketing Contests.

Another great way to grow your subscriber base is by running contests. There are tons of different ways to engage audiences through mobile marketing content, and it’s an effective way to reach your audiences. 

In fact, contests can have a conversion rate of almost 34% – just another reason to add them to your mobile marketing mix. 

Here a few common types of mobile marketing contests you can run across various channels: 

  • Like, comment, or subscribe to win
  • Share to be entered
  • Refer a friend 
  • A play-to-win game
  • Vote to win campaigns
  • Weekly or monthly drawings

Contests are not only a great way to reach new audiences, they can also increase engagement among your current subscribers. You need to make participating in the contest simple for users for the best results, but luckily with mobile channels, that’s easy to do! 

The easier you make entering the contest, the more likely you are to reach new users and continue to grow your subscriber list. This is a great example of how someone can easily subscribe to a contest via SMS and quickly be enrolled in their subscriber list. 

Whether you’re promoting your contest on social media or through SMS messages, the key is to make it fun, engaging, and simple to do. These key elements will provide you with a more successful campaign and result in more subscribers in the long run. 

Make Growing Your Subscriber List Easy With the Right Tools

When it comes to growing and managing your mobile marketing efforts, there are various tools available to make this easier for you and your teams. Whether you need a platform to help gather and decipher customer data for your growing list or a way to communicate with everyone on your list easily — there’s a tool out there for your needs. 

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at ten different mobile marketing platforms that will make growing your subscriber list simple and elevate the way you communicate with your customers. These tools will help take your mobile marketing strategy to the next level, from improving personalization to predictive marketing technology.

1. Listrak.

The Listrak integrated digital marketing platform will allow you to manage all of your mobile channels from one central location and integrate real-time customer data into all of your marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking to grow your subscriber list with cross-channel marketing efforts or improve your customer interactions – Listrak can help you achieve your goals. 

With a mobile-first mindset, you can engage more customers and continue to grow your subscriber list. Whether it’s through SMS messages, emails, or even mobile website visits, having the right experience in place can make all the difference.

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • A dedicated Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP) that will allow you to engage new customers and drive revenue growth
  • SMS and MMS messaging capabilities from keyword and data acquisition campaigns to targeted triggered messages
  • Mobile push solutions to help you reach your customers at the right moment and bring them back to your app
  • Cross-channel orchestration that allows you to make the most of out of all your mobile marketing channels and create one comprehensive experience

Pricing: Pricing is based on business needs, and you’ll need to speak with a Listrak representative to learn more about specific pricing. 

Customer Testimonial: “The Listrak partnership continues to grow just as our business has with their guidance and expertise.  GXP has been a great addition to our acquisition arsenal”

Website: https://www.listrak.com/

2. Braze.

Braze is a customer engagement platform that will help you take your mobile marketing strategy to the next level. With relevant and personalized experiences across all of your mobile marketing platforms including, SMS, mobile push, email, and more, you can continue to grow your subscriber list and increase customer engagement metrics. 

With this platform, you can easily create customized experiences for each of your customers based on their real-time interactions and behaviors. From email to mobile push and SMS messaging, you can reach your audiences wherever they’re most active. 

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Grow your mobile app subscriber list and then build personalized customer journeys for each customer to provide them with relevant and engaging content
  • Use SMS messaging to reach your audiences on their most-used device and create two-way conversations 
  • Build welcome campaigns for new subscribers to help them learn about your brand and move them towards a purchase
  • Track and analyze your campaigns to better understand who your customers are and what content they interact most with

Pricing: Pricing is based on business needs, and you’ll need to speak with a Braze representative to learn more about specific pricing. 

Customer Testimonial: “Braze amplifies the value of our existing technology ecosystem and powers our award-winning campaigns. The company has become a strategic part of our marketing team, and we look forward to our continued partnership as we develop personalization at scale, strengthen our customer relationships, and drive revenue growth.”

Website: https://www.braze.com/

3. Insider.

Insider is a marketing platform that allows businesses to create individualized, cross-channel experiences. With this platform, you can connect customer data across various platforms to provide customers with the most relevant experience from one central location saving your team time and money. 

Engage with your audiences across all messaging platforms from SMS to Facebook Messenger and more. Knowing where your customers are most active will allow you to know what channels to focus your efforts on and build customized campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Engage with users across various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger 
  • Create cross-channel journeys across multiple mobile marketing channels to reach your audiences at every critical touchpoint 
  • Build individualized in-app experiences to engage audiences based on their journey
  • Develop personalized SMS marketing campaigns that your customers want to receive based on their specific wants and needs

Pricing: Pricing is based on business needs, and you’ll need to speak with an Insider representative to learn more about specific pricing. 

Customer Testimonial: “Insider’s platform capabilities are limitless, including personalization, segmentation, mobile campaigns, and conversion optimization.” 

Website: https://useinsider.com/

4. Textedly.

Textedly is a mobile marketing platform that is specifically used for SMS and MMS marketing. This tool will allow you to focus on growing your text marketing subscriber list and improve customer communications.

Textedly provides companies with a centralized location to manage all of their SMS and MMS marketing needs. Whether you’re looking to grow your current subscriber base or create timely, personalized messages – this platform can help you reach your goals.

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Make it easy for your audiences to subscribe to your SMS marketing with text keyword campaigns 
  • Automate messaging sending by scheduling texts for future dates and save your team time in the long run
  • Develop auto-reply texts that reply to customer inquiries quickly without the need for manual intervention
  • Continue to grow your subscriber list with the knowledge that you’ll never hit a maximum limit or be required to pay more

Pricing: Textedly has a number of plan options ranging from the Bronze plan $24 per month to the Champion plan that is $2,800 per month with plenty of options in between. 

Customer Testimonial: “Spent a few weeks researching different companies and have decided to go with Textedly. Couldn’t be happier with their customer service when I have questions, and their platform is easy to use. We have been successful already with just the few campaigns that we have ran”.

Website: https://www.textedly.com/

5. CleverTap.

CleverTap is an all-in-one platform that will allow you to manage your mobile marketing needs. From reaching the right audiences to gathering the data and analytics, you need to continue improving campaigns. From improving the overall customer experience to optimizing your campaigns based on customer insights, CleverTap can help you create high-performing campaigns.

Provide your customers with the most relevant experience by personalizing each message you send to them. Whether it’s through SMS, email, or another channel, you have an opportunity to reach your audiences at the right moment with the right message.

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Grow your subscriber list and gain the insights you need to understand their personalized journey to improve engagement across each lifecycle stage
  • Leverage purpose-built tools that are designed to optimize all of your mobile marketing campaigns
  • Create cross-channel marketing campaigns that engage users across various platforms for the most relevant experience 
  • Use real-time customer insights to understand better who your audiences are and what content will resonate most with them 

Pricing: Pricing is based on business needs, and you’ll need to speak with a CleverTap representative to learn more about specific pricing. 

Customer Testimonial: “The ability to extract data faster, real-time updates to metrics, & campaign automation capabilities make CleverTap the best in the industry.”

Website: https://clevertap.com/

6. Maropost.

Maropost is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that can help you reach your customers across multiple channels. From increasing engagement with current audiences via SMS or mobile push to attracting new subscribers through social media and website visits – Maropost has everything you need to improve your mobile marketing strategy. 

The Maropost platform provides you with all of the customer insights you need in one central location. From understanding how each campaign is performing to detailed data on each customer and segment – you’ll have everything you need to build a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Create a full-scale cross-channel marketing campaign that includes channels like email, mobile push, social, and more
  • Grow your subscriber list by turning anonymous site visitors into contacts and then convert them into purchasing customers 
  • Develop segmented SMS marketing campaigns that engage audiences based on their data and interactions
  • Utilize retargeting audiences on Facebook and Instagram to reach new audiences and increase your mobile marketing presence 

Pricing: Pricing is based on business needs, and you’ll need to speak with a Maropost representative to learn more about specific pricing. 

Customer Testimonial: “We are a small team. Our budget must show returns. Having access to the Marketing Cloud platform and Maropost’s support is like having a full-time email specialist on the team.”

Website: https://www.maropost.com/

7. SlickText.

SlickText is another SMS and MMS-focused mobile marketing platform. This is an excellent tool for businesses looking to take their text marketing efforts to the next level and provide customers with an unforgettable experience. 

Grow your subscriber list with dedicated campaigns and customized keywords. Once your customers have opted-in, you can start to gather valuable customer insights and improve the relevancy of the content you’re sharing with them.

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Easily send a mass text to all of your customers to let them know about new and exciting promotions and company news
  • Grow your subscriber list with text to join campaigns that provide users with a unique keyword 
  • Send MMS and picture messages to engage your audiences and boost campaign engagement and response rates 
  • Get audiences interaction up with text to vote and survey capabilities that also provide you with valuable customer insights

Pricing: SlickText provides customers with a variety of plan options, including a 14-day free trial, The Basic plan costing $29 per month, the Step Up plan costing $49 per month, the Lil Bro plan starting at $79 per month, and the Big Bro plan costing $139 per month. There are more accustomed plans for larger businesses. 

Customer Testimonial: “I love the ease of operation that SlickText affords me. The back-end support & dashboard that SlickText has in place is top-notch. Anyone could use this service & succeed.”

Website: https://www.slicktext.com/

8. Branch.

Branch is a mobile marketing platform that focuses on helping businesses grow and expand their mobile app presence. With the ability to integrate across various channels, Branch will allow you to continue serving your current customers the content they want and need while also continuing to grow your subscriber list. 

Link all of your mobile marketing channels together to build a more comprehensive mobile experience. By driving traffic from all of your channels to your mobile app, you can continue to grow your subscriber list and increase customer engagement metrics. 

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Integrate all of your mobile marketing channels from your website to emails to mobile app interactions
  • Create a seamless pathway from your website to your mobile app with triggered banners that drive users to your app 
  • Understand how your marketing campaigns are performing with real-time data and analytics 
  • Let your customers share your content to increase user engagement and reach new users in the process

Pricing: Branch has a free plan for small businesses and a plan for enterprise businesses with customized pricing based on business needs. 

Customer Testimonial: “We decided to switch to Branch as our complete app attribution partner because it solved our attribution challenges – especially web to app.”

Website: https://branch.io/

9. Leanplum.

Leanplum is a multi-channel customer engagement platform that will allow you to reach your audiences across various channels while creating one cohesive customer journey. This platform will give you the tools you need to connect with the right audiences, at the right time, with the right message. 

Easily manage all of your mobile marketing campaigns from one central location. Having the ability to view your campaigns at a holistic level will provide you with insights into what’s working and what’s not. Image courtesy of Leanplum

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Easily create personalized content across various mobile marketing channels with rich user profile attributes and user even tracking
  • Ensure emails are engaging and relevant to all of your customers to increase engagement metrics
  • Send mobile push notifications that reach audiences on their smartphones and bring them back to your mobile app
  • Develop intuitive workflows that move users through each step in the customer journey and push them towards completing a purchase

Pricing: Pricing is based on business needs, and you’ll need to speak with a Leanplum representative to learn more about specific pricing. 

Customer Testimonial: “We know that a 10% improvement in trial or subscriber retention rates can have a larger impact on business than a 10% conversion lift in new user acquisition funnel. Leanplum has helped us identify and finetune parameters around retention to drive results.”

Website: https://www.leanplum.com/

10. Outgrow.

Outgrow is a marketing platform designed to integrate interactive content onto your website and engage audiences in an entirely new way. By leveraging interactive content such as quizzes and surveys in your mobile marketing strategy, you can learn more about your audiences while keeping them engaged with your content. 

Engage your audiences with interactive content that catches their attention and keeps them interested. From surveys to calculators, the possibilities are endless with the Outgrow platform.

Mobile Marketing Capabilities:

  • Utilize thousands of free pre-optimized templates that are designed to help improve your campaign conversion rates
  • Easily embed content from this platform onto your website to gather even more content from your audiences 
  • Create interactive quizzes, calculators, and more to keep your audiences engaged and coming back for more
  • Integrate your branding into each customer interaction to build brand awareness and help users know who you are

Pricing: Outgrow has multiple plan options available, including ones specifically for solo creators and teams. The team plans include the Essentials plan that costs $95 per month, the Business plan that costs $600 per month, and customized plans based on business needs. 

Customer Testimonial: “Outgrow performs better for us than blogs and ebooks because of the personalization it offers. It’s not just about reading or watching content anymore. Each prospect gets personalized and relevant information in real time whether it be through a calculator, quiz, recommendation, or chatbot.”

Website: https://outgrow.co/

Make Growing Your Subscriber List Easy

Growing your subscriber list doesn’t have to be a chore you keep putting off. With the right plan in place, it can be as simple as cross-promoting your various mobile marketing channels. The great thing about creating subscriber-building campaigns is that they’ll never go out of style. 

You’re always going to want to continue growing and nurturing your subscriber list, and by setting up these campaigns, you can do just that. Then, choosing to invest in a mobile marketing platform to make it all come together can automate the process even further. 

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to start thinking about new ways to reach new audiences and continue to grow your subscriber list.


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