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3 Things To Know When Building A New Website Or Blog


As you think about building a new website or blog to share your business expertise, it’s important to consider the fact that there are nearly 2 billion websites and counting out there. While most of those websites have nothing to do with your business, some will become your competitors.

Even the owners of websites who represent completely different industries need to boost their search rankings and compete for visibility and traffic. Thus, you never know if they’re your indirect competitors due to similar names, keywords, types of content writing, or other contributing factors.

Everyone who has launched a website or blog page had to start somewhere, learning the finer points of finding success on the internet to support their primary business venture. Need more information as you build your new website or blog? Here are three things you should know.

1. You Should Use Your Own Domain Name.

While it’s possible someone else has already bought and is using a domain name ideal for your business, you should buy yours if it’s available. Lifehack notes that you’ll have to pay a certain fee to register for the right to use that name, but it is relatively nominal at $10-20 per year and worth it for the recognition factor. Additionally, make sure your domain name is short, simple, memorable and representative of your brand.

2. Do Some Research and Prep Work to Decide on the Theme, Design, and Layout.

It’s important to have a basic idea of how you want your website to look as you get started. After researching and scanning the websites of your competitors, you should have some ideas about the unique design style you envision for yours. Use screenshots from some of your favorites, and sketch some rough drawings to have some ideas before hitting the keyboard with your ideas. If you’re working with a team or a professional website designer, discuss your sketches and ideas to find out how to bring your vision to the screen. Otherwise, find a free website-building resource to help you work on the design and visual aspects.

3. Learn About Different Types of Content Writing to Enrich Your Website.

The content you add to your website helps your customers understand more about your business and why they should purchase your products or services. In today’s competitive global market, you need to offer customers valuable, concise, appropriate and actionable website content to engage them. Examples of content writing include blog posts, social media posts, web copy, newsletters, infographics, ebooks, user guides and how-tos, and white papers. Work with your employees or a team of specialized content experts to develop a content strategy that speaks to your customers and lets them know how valuable they are to your business.

3. You’re Ready to Build Your Website or Blog with Your Tools in Order.

When you’re well-versed on these three tips, you’ll find you’re well on your way to building a website personalized to your business and customers. By investing in a domain name that refers specifically to you or your business name, finding the right appearance that pops on the screen, and creating content that enriches your customers’ perception of you and their lives in some way, you’re ready to build a website or blog with true impact.