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Office 2.0: Technology Is Changing Our Perception Of A Workplace


The increasing recovery of technology in society has meant that one can get ready to wave goodbye to the office building as we know it today. Due to IoT, which makes up a huge network of data that includes everything from intelligent toothbrushes to door locks that can be remotely operated, office buildings can now also repair themselves.

Everything from lighting to temperature and air quality can be adjusted using IoT. This, combined with a collaboration with https://www.nanostone.dk, can give you a high-tech and elegant office space. 

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) covers the fact that data is built into things we use in everyday life, which are then connected to the Internet. IoT can be defined as all devices connected to the Internet. But it is increasingly used about devices that talk to each other, and the great potential of IoT is when these things are combined with large amounts of data – so-called Big Data.

A world of remote working is becoming a reality

Within the walls of the office, IoT will help employees quickly adapt office spaces to their particular requirements, from lighting to temperature and even air quality. The systems underlying these elements will be fully automated within the next three years. Companies with older buildings will add sensors that enable employee adaptation, and as a result, there will be a drastic reduction in energy consumption.

In the future, office spaces will be intelligent enough to manage themselves: Buildings will, by themselves, require maintenance and keep an eye on their own condition. This will be done by integrating IoT sensors into the concrete walls of new buildings. 

Machine learning (ML) is also on its way to the workplace

Not only will buildings repair themselves in the future, machine learning will also have a major impact on other areas of work in a workplace. Customer support will be completely changed, in the way that a representative can now be replaced by a computer – such as well-known chatbots.

Through integrated AI systems, one can get a computer to answer customers’ questions, almost as efficiently and completely as if it were a real employee. The only thing that will be lacking is human judgment. 


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