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How To Establish A Solid Leadership Image


Few things can have an impact on your credibility and reputation as a leader than your image. The perception that others have of you and what you project may not be necessarily the same. Similarly, having a poor web design does not mean that your business cannot offer quality services and products – but due to how people perceive the quality of your website, your reputation, ability and skills may come into question.

To prevent this, you need to forge a solid image as a leader.

Importance of a good leadership image

The perception people have about you is created from the interactions you have with them. Your personality, manners, how you speak, and physical appearance are factors that culminate in the image you create. With time, your image will improve, remain the same or suffer; for this reason, you should ensure that you are always consciously making the correct impressions any time you engage someone.

Ways to improve your leadership image

There is a saying that there is no negative press, but this only holds if you know how to mitigate the negative effects and transform the negatives into positives. If your image as a leader has suffered in the past, you can still turn things around. Time, positivity, conscious efforts, and constant practice can help you repair a damaged image.

Other things to consider include; improving your communication and social skills. These two combined can quickly help you build a solid image and boost your credentials as an effective leader. Before you improve, you first need to know the kind of perception that others have about you. Then you look to bridge the gap between their perception and the image you seek to project.

Personality vs. Leadership

One issue that many people in leadership positions struggle to reconcile is their personality and their image as a leader. A considerable part of the kind of leader you are is anchored in your personality, but you are more than that. There are several facets to your person, and although you are a leader, you should live your everyday life.

Often leaders try to maintain their leadership lenses constantly, which may lead to not being able to deal with some issues in certain situations properly. There are times that you need to put your leadership aside and engage people at their level. This method often works best when done as a bonding process. You are entitled to have a private life, and when you are in your personal space, you are free to enjoy the things that you love so long as they will not affect your reputation or credibility if it happens to go public.

Personal traits that will improve your image as a leader

Every leader is different, but some personal traits will make some better than others. Confidence, for example, is a tool that can be wielded to significant effect as a leader. When you are confident, people are quickly drawn to you and attach a lot of respect and importance to your utterances and actions.

Also, when it comes to speaking as a leader, many leaders focus on what is said. True enough, content is essential, but how it is delivered is even more critical. Non-verbal cues such as tone, posture, and mannerisms make a huge difference.

Often leaders do most of the talking, and as such, they forget the importance of being a good listener. The more you listen, the more you understand the perception people have about you. It will enable you to address issues more holistically and offer solutions in all parties’ best interests.