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Top 5 Inspiration Tricks For Female Entrepreneurs – What To Do When You Feel Demotivated


There are many examples of successful women in entrepreneurship. Many female entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Sara Blakely, Tory Burch are doing really well for themselves, and lots more are coming up. “You Go Girl” is not just a statement now – it’s a cultural phenomenon. Women these days are earning higher salaries and taking on more responsibilities than ever before.

But if you’re a women entrepreneur, there might come a time where you’ll start feeling demotivated. You might lose the will to do stuff and feel overwhelmed with fear and doubt. You might also feel like you have lost inspiration and are ready to stop your journey.

If you ever have that feeling, here are the top 5 tips you can use to motivate yourself.

1. Know that this is normal.

You don’t have to succeed every time. Often in business, the first few attempts are unsuccessful. This doesn’t mean they were bad or fruitless, and they give you perspective and knowledge to pursue your idea better.

It is important to make mistakes. Everyone makes them, and they ultimately contribute to success. Also, accept that mistakes will demotivate you. There are no two choices about it. But the best thing is to assume them and move forward with added enthusiasm and added knowledge from new lessons learned.

2. Understanding of the situation.

If you’re feeling down right now, you need to think about exactly how and why you landed in this situation. You need to ask yourself “What action should I have taken to avoid this situation?” “Can this situation still be salvaged by any means?” Someone has rightly said, “ Whenever you feel like stopping, remember why you started.”

Remembering that will reinspire you towards your goal and help you feel better. Most entrepreneurs are creative people who understand that simple steps in the right direction can change the future. You might feel lost today, but don’t forget the original idea that got you started.

You can also start delegating your responsibilities. Understand that even if you think of yourself as a one-woman army, it’s not physically or practically possible for you to do everything yourself. It’s important to have ownership, but not for everything. And you can start with simple things too, like hiring an accountant to do your taxes, hiring a cloud application development vendor, etc.

3. Take a step back.

Many times you’ll feel stressed and burned out – even if you don’t notice it. You have been working nonstop and are tired and exhausted. In situations like that, it is better to take a break from things and do something different. Even something small such as going outside for a walk can do wonders for your exhausted brain.

You can also have a dreaming session, i.e., a session where you just think about what you want to achieve. Asking yourself questions like where do you want to take your business in 5 years and what are your biggest goals can help you visualize better the road ahead. It’s not essential to have the whole plan ready – you just need to figure out that one corrective step that you can take to improve your situation. This will also help you reconnect with your vision.

4. Goal formation.

One of the reasons you might be feeling low is that you might have lost sight of your goals. Ask yourself what exactly do you want to achieve. You also need to prioritize your goals into long-term and short-term goals. Not everything needs your attention right away. Making a list will reduce anxiety and demotivation.

And once you understand your goals, start defining your way towards them. Ask yourself, does your current path define a clear route to your goals? And if not, what adjustments are required from your end? You also need to stop procrastinating and start working.

5. Take advice.

It’s natural to feel alone and lonely when operating your own business. You may have too many responsibilities and may feel overwhelmed. The best thing to do in that situation is to take advice from someone.

Reach out to people in your field. Someone who has already gone through what you’re going through right now. They might offer encouraging words or advice that might be helpful to you.

The other thing you can do is to immerse yourself in positivity. You can use motivational quotes and songs. You can also watch movies on entrepreneurship ( Social Network, Joy, etc.). They will remind you it’s crucial to keep hustling. Even when you feel down, taking a step is much better than stopping.


No one is motivated 100% of the time. Everyone goes through these phases. You have to keep going. Understand that it isn’t always going to be easy – you’ll face many more difficulties in life. Life is not always fun and inspiring, and there are many long periods of drag in between. But the main thing is to keep working. Acknowledge your situation, act accordingly and keep moving.