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Why Regular Holiday Time For Employees Also Benefits Employers


Can you remember the last time you or your employees took any time off? If the answer is no, this is your call to give yourself and your employees a break. You’ll be surprised how beneficial time spent outside the workplace is for your team’s performance inside the workplace. Vacations will help anyone feel relaxed, refreshed and refocused. So why wouldn’t you make vacations a priority?

In this article, we will outline which benefits which you, as an employer, will get back from your employees.

1. Employee Retention.

To thrive as a company, you need talented employees. However, making sure they stick around can be a daunting task. As everyone knows, employee turnover is very expensive. What you want, is to make sure your employees will stay at your company for a long time. But of course, that is easier said than done. Can you tell that your employees are working their ass off for you? Then they definitely deserve a break. By giving your employees a chance to go on vacation more often, they will likely think twice before leaving your company. 

2. Employees are less likely to burnout.

Every person (employee) is different. While one employee may feel that the workload is too much, the other one could easily take on more tasks. In both cases, they are working hard for you. To consistently work long hours and not taking a break can have a damaging effect on an employees health as well as family life. In order to keep your employees energized and in a right state of mind you want to consider creating more vacation time. Because more than 70% of employees who take regular vacations feel more equipped and ready to handle stress that comes with their job. When sending your employees off on a nice vacation, they will feel refreshed and will return to the office with a clear mind. 

3. A happier workforce.

A happy employee results in a happy employer, right? Did you know that happy employees are 12% more productive than less happy employees? And that happy employees have 65% more energy than unhappy employees? That is why a happy workforce is important for your business to reach great potential. Then the question is, how to get happier employees? One of the answers is more vacation days. This because it relieves stress, improves overall concentration during work and it will help bond will loved ones outside of work. 

4. Stronger Company Culture.

One of the values of a good company culture is to celebrate. It is okay to take time off of work with colleagues to celebrate perhaps a new client. Even a company holiday can be beneficial to your business because it connects co-workers in a different way. Rent a van for 9 persons (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren) to go to the airport. Of course you can also rent a car without the use of credit card (Dutch: auto huren zonder creditcard). 

With these four reasons, we hope to remind you to give yourself and your employees a break from time to time!