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5 Things Lenders Should Look For When Choosing Loan Management Software


Loan management software is an excellent tool that lenders can utilize to help to improve their business’s efficiency and customer service while giving them access to valuable information to inform strategy.

By managing your loans from specially designed loan management software, you decrease the need for time-consuming manual processes that have a lot of room for human error. You also give yourself the ability to grow your business more effectively.

If you want to get the most out of your loan management software, there are a few features that you should be looking for.

1. API.

API’s are the tools that developers use to make their software run more efficiently. The basic use of an API is to call other functions within a program but while keeping those functions separate from one another.

The benefit of this is that if you make a change in one place in the program, it doesn’t have to impact everything else, which means that programs run more efficiently and are less likely to have bugs.

When you are choosing your loan management software, it’s a good idea to choose one with an API that has been specially designed for the software as opposed to one that has been repurposed from elsewhere because this means it will run more efficiently. It also means that the developers have full control over it – if you use someone else’s API, they have control of updates that could potentially impact your software in unforeseen ways.

2. Cloud-based software.

Most software now is being designed for use in the cloud, and there are a number of benefits to this:

  • The cloud can be accessed from anywhere, which is great news for businesses with multiple locations or with employees who are working remotely.
  • Cloud servers are backed up in multiple places, and they will have high levels of security, which means that a lot of the time, they are safer than an on-premise solution.
  • Cloud-based software is more cost-effective, as you don’t have to factor in the price of running and maintaining a server.

3. Expertise.

It’s essential that your loan management software has been designed by industry experts who truly understand loan management processes.

LoanPro developed their software while working in the car industry as a solution to the frustrations they were having with the software that was available at the time. They have since gained a lot of experience installing their software in large and small businesses.

Having your software designed by experts in your field means that it will be designed to deal with the industry-specific issues that other software won’t account for.

4. Room for growth.

Every business hopes to grow, so it’s important that you choose a software solution that allows you to easily increase the number of customers you are servicing and allow you to report on your existing customers to generate insights and fuel your growth.

5. Automation.

Finally, good loan management software should allow you to automate communications and other processes so that you know that they are being carried out correctly, and you can save time and money.