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6 Considerations For Your Business Phone Services


When thinking about the best tools that make a business thrive, you’ll likely think about the latest computers or software. In any business, phone systems often take the backseat to advanced technology. But, in reality, once you experience important phone calls getting cut off, you’d realize then the importance of having a reliable business phone provider.  

Whether with employees or customers, communication is a part of the business you can’t afford to ignore. The following are some key factors you need to consider when looking for a service provider:


Businesses always consider the price of the service as it can be the deal-breaker. But, sensible business people know where to invest their money, especially when the growth potential is highly likely. Hosted PBX systems from providers may come at a cost, depending on the features, but the functionality can offer more that proves you get what you pay for.  

Planning and budgeting the number of phones, telecommuting employees, the possible number of different phones for expansion, and maintenance will give you an idea of the overall costs. Add installation fees and service charges. Anticipate productivity enhancement once the system has been set up.   

VoIP Adaptation.

Traditional PBX systems are old-fashioned and not scalable. A growing company must adopt new technologies to keep up with the times. Utilizing a VoIP phone service allows you to benefit from a cloud-based data connection as long as the Internet is stable. Hosted PBX can also bind with your company’s legacy phone system so that both your staff and clients can use the benefits of both.  

IP PBX also has the advantage of scalability as providers offer packages that you can choose from depending on your business needs. The primary and advanced features are inclusions, depending on the package you can afford.   

Call Handling Features.

Effective business communications aren’t just about answering and making calls. There are specific features that will support employee productivity and must be utilized. Conference calling, three-way calling, call transfer, and call display, among others, will help route clients or customers to the right people in the company. Multi-user conference calls that the staff and those in authority use allow face-to-face meetings. Such features can impact how staff is serving customers, which will help foster engagement and strengthen relationships.   


How does your business fare when it comes to phone security?  Anyone who can access your phone system can listen to private calls and acquire sensitive information. Breach of data can occur when your provider isn’t using advanced means of keeping your phone system safe. Malware and phishing are also highly likely if the provider isn’t using enough means to ensure tight security.  

Viruses and malware could, later on, affect systems that can affect the productivity of the company. Any business must have cybersecurity policies that they must implement. New and small businesses will feel most of the effects of a data breach. Ensure that your data is secure, scan for vulnerabilities, and create a response on security breach attempts. Also, steer clear of service providers with poor reputations.  

Rising Phone Bill.

Is your business making use of long-distance calls?  If your phone bill is becoming expensive, it’s time to make a switch to VoIP phone systems for a better, more affordable communication system. Depending on how you do business, if the phone system is becoming troublesome, VoIP makes a better choice because the Internet calls are almost free.

There’ll also come a time when power interruptions are causing you to drop calls and lose customers. Making a switch to IP PBX is a better choice since it isn’t an in-site premise system. The provider will be the one to handle the maintenance, while you focus on your business.   

Usage Training.

Finally, you also need to consider if the company will be providing a solution that your staff will find easy to use. Your business operations already require careful and strict procedures; you don’t need a phone system that will add to the burden of your staff.

Anything that needs complicated usage shouldn’t be applied to your business. Your business shouldn’t be spending time and money on a phone system that takes your team’s focus on their respective responsibilities. Worse, the staff will be using their phones to communicate with you and with one another. The system you paid for will be nothing more than a waste of resources.  


Choosing the best service may seem like a daunting task, but there’s nothing thorough research can’t do. The company you choose must be reputable, with a good track record. Changing to hosted PBX should make things easier as the system is handled elsewhere. You shouldn’t only be paying an affordable monthly fee, but you should also be enjoying the ease.