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Home Projects To Increase Your Home Valuation


If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s value with DIY projects, there are plenty of things you can do that are readily doable and generally affordable. Enhancing your home by updating old fixtures and installing new features will make your house cozier and more enjoyable as well as increasing its market value if you are thinking about selling it.

You may want to focus on just a few rooms where you spend the most time or that will impress prospective buyers, or you can implement small or major changes in several rooms of the house.

Install Appealing Features.

To make your home easier to care for with attractive new amenities, install an electric fireplace. The better quality versions look real and add comfort to any room. They don’t require cleanup or maintenance. You can visit Tim Arnold’s buying guide and list of available electric fireplaces in numerous styles so you can make your house more comfortable and welcoming with an effortless electric fireplace that you just turn on and off when desired. They also help to heat your home, which may reduce energy costs during the colder months.

It is easy to install a video doorbell, which enhances your home security while providing a valuable selling point if your house goes on the market. A whole-house security system with video surveillance and audio alarms linking to the nearest police station and fire station is another plus. The system can go with you to the next residence if you move or be left for the people who buy your house if you sell it.

A bathroom jetted tub or jacuzzi is a great source of relaxation and an immediate draw for potential buyers. Another bathroom installable amenity is a bidet, which are growing in popularity.

A garbage disposal, a dishwasher, and a home stereo system are more features that can make life easier for your family or attract future buyers’ attention. Find ways to make your home distinctive with the addition of helpful services that other homes might not have.

Take Care of Needed Repairs.

Evaluate any broken or poorly-functioning aspects of your home. Do the windows rattle? Is the faucet dripping? Does the air conditioner need maintenance? Builder Create recommends that you complete all the DIY tasks you can handle on your own. Schedule professional inspections for areas that you are unequipped to manage. Hammer down the loose step, paint the peeling front door, and replace the broken floor tiles. Replace missing roof tiles and have the gutters cleaned and repaired if needed. Clean out the chimney, ensuring the chimney cap is intact. With minimal time and cost, you can immediately improve your home in several key ways that will improve safety and its appearance.

Add Helpful Updates.

If your home is starting to show its age, or if you have lived in it for several years, it may be time to implement aesthetic or functional updates. Maybe your basement stairs need a sturdier handrail. Your chipped bathtub can be re-glazed or replaced. Wood kitchen cupboards could be refaced or refinished. Rusty window screens might need to be replaced. Worn-out weather strips on the doors and windows can be removed to make way for new ones. Paint dull-looking rooms or walls with embedded stains. Waterproof the basement after removing any signs of mold. Outside, upgrade your landscaping with fresh mulch and healthy seasonal plants. Trim shrubs and hedges. Repair damaged fencing and add decorative elements like hanging flowerpots or climbing vines.

Put Unused Areas to Efficient Use.

For bigger projects that you may be able to do yourself or with the help of a friend or two, renovate part of the basement as a family room. Large closets have been converted to a mini home office or a half-bath. A partly-finished attic could become someone’s art studio or a writer’s retreat. Partition part of your garage into a workbench area for woodworking projects. Turn a section of your lawn into a flower garden with a bench. Enclose a porch as a sunroom.

Get creative by maximizing your home’s current strengths while envisioning new ways to improve or add features that will make you love the place even more. Start small to see how it goes and then work your way into bigger projects that will increase your return on investment in personal enjoyment or an eventual sale.



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