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Entrepreneurial Opportunities In and Around Video Gaming


For any keen gamer, the idea of working in the gaming industry is a no-brainer. Being able to spend both your work and leisure time crafting and enjoying game experiences sounds like a dream come true.

Of course, the reality of working within the industry can be a mixed bag, but if the gaming industry is the place for you, there are a tonne of opportunities to take advantage of in order to get ahead.

Let’s dive into some of the main entrepreneurial opportunities which present themselves today.

Locating Yourself in a Busy Marketplace.

Before fully committing to your newfound career in the industry, it’s worth locating your place within it. This, by and large, relies on one factors — your background.

Your background plays a big role in defining your best entry point — or, conversely, identifying the training you should get before jumping in. Obviously, if you’re a programmer software, app and game development may be good picks — whereas if you are a product designer working on peripherals may be more natural. That said, given the right amount of commitment, you’re likely to be able to acquire the necessary skills for your new entrepreneurial endeavour.

Your geographical location may also play a role in the types of roles that immediately present themselves. For example if you live in an East Asian city that has a bustling e-sports and internet café scene, it may be worth tapping into that resource to fuel your endeavour.

With these things in mind, lets jump into some of the foremost entrepreneurial opportunities today.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities.

Building Hardware.

Potentially the most complex item on this entire list; there are seemingly endless opportunities for bettering gaming experiences through hardware. Whether that be devices themselves, storage solutions, more efficient components or anything else it is important to remember that our gaming experiences all rely on hardware — making a game-changing new piece of hardware a must have.

That said, this is certainly one of the highest level endeavours listed here.

Constructing Specialist Peripherals.

Despite being underrated by every day computer users, peripherals are a gamer’s spice of life. Given the explosion in gaming peripherals in recent years, it is predicted that by 2025 the industry will be worth $6.96 billion. That means your aesthetic design or functionally unique peripheral may prove to be the next big thing for gamers.

Hopping on Board with Mobile Gaming.

With the PC market forecast to dip below 20% in 2022, and the combined mobile and tablet market accounting for nearly 50% of gaming worldwide it is easy to see why the mobile market might be the one you want to target.

Whether it be through games themselves, or mobile-focused peripherals this market continues to evolve and diversify with each passing year — meaning there is never a better time to get on board.

Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Projected to reach a gross value of $300 billion by 2025, Virtual and Augmented reality hold a unique place in the gaming market, as they offer a lot of utility to other sectors. Whether the systems are used for productivity, training, education or entertainment, these windows onto a digital world continue to grow.

Also, since the medium is in relative infancy, innovation is being made left right and centre, meaning it may be a gold-mine for an entrepreneur with a good idea.


Comfortably into the 2020s, it is clear that the days of closed ecosystems in gaming is being left behind. With an increasing number of games offering cross-play, this new format for online gaming still faces a large amount of frequent challenges. As such, it leaves fertile soil for dedicated teams to fully commit to make cross-play a more viable, stable option for everyone.

Creating Games.

This may seem like the elephant in the room — but of course the foremost way to dive into the gaming industry is producing games. For entrepreneurs, this most often comes in the form of a gamble on a new format, idea or style of game which may be the next big craze.

But do also remember, as an entrepreneur you may not necessarily be the one needed to make the game — there are plenty of talented programmers and developers looking for strong leadership, and funds, to bring their ideas to fruition. Thus, as a gaming entrepreneur you may also want to consider the avenue of becoming a producer of the next big title.

Facilitating Esports.

With a total audience of over 400 million, which continues to grow year on year, Esports is on track to surpass $1.5 billion in value by 2023.

Thus mobilising some entrepreneurial energy to facilitate and better the state of esports—either locally or internationally—may prove to be a financially viable endeavour.

From renting out office spaces and sponsorship to funding and coaching teams of players, there are tonnes of opportunities to get involved. And one thing is for certain—the world of Esports is only going to get bigger.

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