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Staying In Touch With Your Customers


Staying in touch with your customers is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. You need reliable lines of communication to get your message across and ensure your voice is heard, yet many brands struggle to keep in contact with their customers and suffer as a result. Luckily, learning how to stay in touch with your audience needn’t be as difficult as you might initially expect, as there are a few key areas in which you can focus your efforts to provide the best lines of communication for your business to make the most now.

So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you and your team can utilise today!

The Power Of Social Media.

In the modern day, the power of social media is colossal. Many billions of users operate on the most popular social media platforms each and every day, sometimes spending hours scrolling through their feed, so it’s a brilliant opportunity that your business can definitely benefit from. Setting up your own commercial social media profiles needn’t be difficult, as you need nothing more than an email address and some basic information about your brand to get started. Once you’ve taken the time to create a full profile by filling in any extra details, you’re free to post engaging content to share with the world!

Making connections through social media is very simple, as most follow a network style that involves ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ to subscribe to your profile. They can show their love for your posts by ‘liking’ your content, and even leave their own unique comments and opinions that you can reply to which helps to build a stronger customer relationship. Users can share the content that you post with their own friends or followers, further spreading your message throughout your audience. You can even gain social media stardom by having one of your posts go ‘viral’, as many businesses have benefited dramatically from 5 minutes of fame online.

Staying in touch with your customers through social media shows your audience that you are a modern brand that’s always ready to change with the times, so it’s an essential option for you and your team to invest in. 

Explore The World Of Email Messaging.

Many people are under the false impression that email messaging is no longer popular thanks to instant smartphone communication, yet the world of email messaging contributes to thrive and flourish every single day. A large percentage of your target audience likely has their email account linked directly to their smartphone, meaning any message that they receive will pop up immediately on their Home Screen for them to see. This is a brilliant way to stay in touch with your customers, as you can easily keep them informed regarding any news updates, sales or vouchers that they can make the most of to encourage them to visit your store.

Sourcing emails needn’t be hard, as you can add a ‘subscribe’ option on your website that allows users to enter their email address to get brand content, and you can encourage them to do so by offering something like a 10% off voucher for their compliance. You can also use previous customer emails if they give their consent, so include a tick box option during your purchase procedure that gives permission for you to contact them in the future. 

Invest In Professional Phonelines.

Though the internet is now the most popular platform for communication, certain groups of people still require phone access to get in touch with your company. For example, it’s more than likely an elderly customer will not have access to a smartphone or laptop, and they might feel more comfortable speaking to a ‘human’ who can respond immediately rather than having to check for a response over the course of a few hours or days.

In which case, having a recognisable, memorable phone number which they can simply type in and call will provide the ideal solution. 13 numbers are often the easiest to remember, so you may wish to invest in such a service to make your phone lines as accessible as possible. It’s a good idea to employ an experienced member of staff to man your phone lines as they will have a wide knowledge of your business, products and services – though it may be cheaper to outsource your phone lines from overseas, this can affect the quality of the customer service provided and even encourage customers to doubt the authenticity of your business as a whole. 

Traditional Methods.

There are several traditional methods that you can utilise to stay in touch with your customers, each offering their own unique selling points which can suit different businesses and industries. A restaurant chain can benefit considerably from the use of a few roadside billboard campaigns, especially if they’re posted nearby and provide store directions, as you can grab the attention of hungry drivers stuck in traffic! If you run your own children’s toys factory, creating a fun television advert that you can host in between children’s programmes on daytime TV is sure to encourage little ones to pester their parents for your products. Traditional methods may not be as widely effective as more modern ideas, but they can still help you to spread the message about your business and keep your audience informed of any important updates or discounts that they might be interested in. 

Staying in touch with your customers has never been so simple when you can take the time to make the most of the brilliant tips and tricks that have been carefully detailed above. Running a successful business takes a huge amount of time and energy, but your commitment is sure to pay off when you receive rave reviews from happy customers who are more than content with the service that you provide. Keeping your audience informed will ensure that they feel like an extra member of your commercial family!

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