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3 Reasons 2021 Will Be The Busiest Year Yet For Veterinary Start-Ups


2020 has proven an unprecedented struggle for many industries, and 2021 is likely to present further challenges across the board.

But the events of the last twelve months have also seen growth opportunities for some surprising sectors – from video gaming to hand sanitiser, while some demands have plummeted others have skyrocketed.

And if you’re looking to establish a veterinary practice in the next twelve months, you may be surprised to learn that the evergreen demand of this industry could actually increase next year – here are just three reasons why.

1. Pet ownership is increasing.

The simple reason that this year will be one of the busiest yet for vet start-ups is that there are just… more pets!

In fact, recent statistics suggest that pet ownership is on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic, as plenty of us have sought a little company to beat those work-from-home woes.

This is good news for shelters, who have sadly seen an increase in abandoned animals over the past year. And for vets, it means plenty more pets needing just about everything from routine check-ups and vaccinations to more significant ailments.

The bottom line is, as long as there are pets, there will be a steady demand for vets.

2. Animal allergies.

If you’ve been working from home, chances are your snacking habits are a little more indulgent than they might have been in the office, particularly during the festive period.

At times like these it’s all too tempting to treat your furry friend to a bite of your mince pie or Christmas pudding, but it may not be the best thing for them. In worst case scenarios, these can lead to serious reactions that can cause your pet a whole host of health issues.

Factor in the many natural allergies that occur in household pets, and it becomes clear that these intolerances are a major challenge facing pet owners. Avacta Animal Health are one of the leading researchers in pet allergy solutions and work closely with veterinary practices across the country to prevent and treat allergic reactions.

3. Pet loneliness.

The switch to remote may be here to stay for many workers.

But for those who may well be returning to the office at some point in the next twelve months, their pets will need to undergo a period of adjustment not having their family around them at all times.

This can be extremely stressful for animals, particularly rescue pets who may already have issues surrounding abandonment. Pet anxiety can be difficult both for the animal and the owner, but thankfully vets can provide support throughout these difficult times.

Bearing this in mind, your veterinary practice may well be a lifeline for owners looking to help their pet adjust.

These are just three reasons that veterinary start-ups are likely to flourish in 2021.

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