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Pet Business Ideas That You Can Start Online And At Home


We’re all looking to make a little extra cash, right? If you are a pet lover, why not use what you love to your advantage? You could even turn a hobby into a full-time business if you work hard at it! If you are looking for some pet business ideas that you can start online and at home, look no further.

Here are eight great ideas you can get started on today.

1. Online Crafts and Gift Shop.

Are you good at crocheting or knitting? If you are, consider opening up your own online crafts and gift shop specifically for pets. There are a number of items you can market online that pet lovers around the world will buy. One of the best ways to bring in business is by offering personalized crafts and novelty items in your store for dogs and dog lovers. Consider making customized clothes, tumblers, toys, collars, dog beds, and even homemade dog and cat treats.

2. Online Pet Supplies, Accessories and Boutique.

Many pet owners shop online and would be happy to give their business to a small, local company instead of a national chain. Open up your own online pet supply store and offer pet supplies at a discount. If you have the ability to make your own supplies and accessories, make sure you brand them as homemade. However, it’s also easy to buy wholesale pet supplies and make a profit selling them from your own storefront.

3. Pet Delivery Service Provider.

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, but pets especially can become really stressed out during a move. You don’t want to worry about your pet as you are packing up to move and driving the delivery van to your new place to unpack. Offer your pet delivery services locally for customers who are moving but don’t want to deal with the stress of moving their pet at the same time. Your service can pick the pet up right at their front door and deliver them to their new home once the owners get there. You can also offer pet delivery to and from the airport if they are traveling with an animal. Make a move less stressful for clients with your own pet delivery company.

4. Pet Travel Agent.

Traveling long distances with a pet isn’t easy. Why not start a business that allows you to do all the work for the pet parent while they worry about traveling? As a pet travel agent, you can make all of the necessary arrangements for the pet to fly, such as acquiring all vaccination papers, health certificates, and other important documents. Your business can be the one to call the vet and ensure that the pet has everything they need to travel, arrange the payment to the airlines and pet transport vendor, and prepare the pet carrier before departure.

5. Market Your Pet Sitting and Walking Service Online.

Dogs need to be walked and pets need to be looked after, so make it your business to do so! Create a Facebook and Instagram page dedicated to your pet sitting and walking services and start sharing them to local community groups and pages. Ask family and friends to share your services as well. Many pet owners simply need someone to walk their dogs during the day when they are at work or stay overnight to watch their pets while they are away on business. You’ll likely bring in the business in no time!

6. Facilities and In-Home Cleaning Service.

No one wants to have to clean up after their animals, so consider starting your own in-home cleaning service for homes and facilities. If you have a lot of experience cleaning up after a certain breed of animal, make sure to market it well. For example, provide guinea pig cage or reptile cage cleaning for people who don’t want to do it themselves. If you don’t mind being a pooper-scooper, advertise that you can come out on a weekly basis to clean up the backyards of customers with dogs. You can also offer cleaning services to larger facilities, such as shelters and apartment complexes that allow pets.

7. Pet Photography.

Do you have a quality camera and an eye for photography? Combine this with a love for pets and you could have your own pet photography company up and running online in no time! Friends, family, and strangers are often willing to shell out the big bucks when it comes to professional pet pictures. You can offer general pet packages as well as holiday packages. Professional pet pictures make great gifts for pet owners who can’t get enough of their pets, so consider advertising heavily around Christmas.

8. Animal Blogger and Expert.

Are you an expert when it comes to a certain dog breed? Do you live for your lizard gecko? Consider starting your own online dog or cat blog and give others the gift of your expertise. The great thing about a blog is that you can use free blogging websites to get started as you build your audience and content. Once you start building a following, you can start to make money off of ads and affiliate websites. It’s a great way to put your love of pets to good use, especially if you can’t give up your day job just yet.

These eight pet business ideas are great for men and women who want to make money off of their love for animals. Whichever pet business you ultimately decide to venture, it is important that you train your employees well because they are the backbone of your company. Pay them on time and you shall be rewarded with a handsome return as a business owner. If you ever need to produce payslips online, you can try the check stub maker as they have great pay stubs templates to select from.

Remember, it takes time to build a successful business and a following. Utilize all the social media platforms to get your business known. Ask your family and friends to share your company on their own pages. With time, patience, and hard work, your pet business will be up and flourishing in no time!