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Real Ways To Build Multiple Income Streams


Do you often hear people talking about the need for multiple income streams and wonder what it’s all about? Isn’t having one full-time job enough? For most people, it is, but there’s a school of thought about having even more financial stability by building several income streams. The main thing to remember about building additional sources of funds is to keep your day job. The technique is not about abandoning what you already do. It’s about adding more ways of making money with minimal effort and time commitment. What’s the advantage of staying employed? For starters, if you have legitimate work, it means you will also have your necessities covered. And if an emergency comes up, all you need to get a payday loan is proof of employment.

With the best payday loans, you can apply online quickly, get your funds in minutes, and never leave the comfort of your home office. Another key advantage of constant employment, besides always having at least a subsistence source of income, is that your resume won’t have any gaps. If you find yourself applying for a new job someday, prospective employers will view your dedication to full-time work favorably.

Here are four of the most common and effective ways that anyone can begin to create new streams of income. See which ones work best for your current situation.

Micro Jobs.

Micro jobs differ from part-time work in a number of ways. First, they usually take up no more than five hours of your time each week. Second, the vast majority of them are done online. If you want to bring in some steady, extra cash on a regular basis, consider offering your services to companies that hire website testers, freelance writers, tutors, and advertisement evaluators. You won’t get rich, but once you get into the habit of logging several extra hours of paid work per week, you’ll be on the way to building a second, third, or fourth reliable income source.

Affiliate Work.

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs you can sign up with. When you sell one of the affiliate’s products or services on your website, or anywhere else, you earn a commission. The trick is finding a company whose products you understand and enjoy promoting. Expect to spend a few weeks before you see any revenue, but by plugging away an hour or so per day, you can earn steady money by being an affiliate partner.

Niche Books.

Write short books on a topic you know well. The key here is coming up with information that lots of people want and that you can sell on your own website or blog. Even if you don’t have your own site, it’s possible to use one of the major booksellers’ websites. In that case, expect to pay a commission to the site for each book you sell.


Blogging is probably the best second job you can have. However, its main downside is that it can take up to a year before you see any monetary results. For patient people who are committed to the idea of making extra money, creating a blog on a topic that interests you is a reliable way to bring in money month after month.