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Top 3 Places In Europe To Live In As A Start-up Millionaire 


All start-up entrepreneurs have at least one idol they look up to and say: “I wanna be that guy, when I make it”. Whether it is Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk or another rich and famous entrepreneur that has made a name for themselves worldwide, when you start up a company – you aim for the stars.

In this article we take a look at possible destinations you can migrate to, when you actually make it and sell your company for a million-dollar valuation. Together with our partner for this article – Propstep rental housing – we’ve found three destinations in Europe where a lot of entrepreneurs migrate to when they become millionaires. All of the cities are notoriously known for housing a lot of entrepreneurs and millionaires from the European continent.

First we take a look at the iconic Greek island of Mykonos, secondly we take a look at Marbella’s “Golden Mile” in Spain and at last we will reveal why Monaco is such a hot spot for rich people, sports stars and start-up entrepreneurs.

Read this and become inspired as to where you can spend your days when you become a start-up millionaire.  

#3. Mykonos, Greece.

In the Greek archipelago is an island that is more exclusive and luxurious than any other amongst the Greek Islands. It is where famous football players spend their summer and a lot of entrepreneurs spend their everyday life. Here you find palm trees and white chalk buildings as long as the eye can see, and if you are into sailing, Mykonos is also an amazing place to settle down.

#2. Marbella, Spain.

In the southernmost part of Spain, close to the major city of Malaga is a city known for its luxurious environment with supercars, expensive food and huge mansions. The town of Marbella is the most exclusive area of the Iberian Peninsula. If you are into luxurious places, we believe Marbella will suit you perfectly. 

#1. Monaco, Monaco.

However, if you are into everything that Marbella stands for, and you also like to pay next to nothing in taxes, there is a country even better suited for this. On the French Riviera is a tiny monarchy that includes all this. Monaco is probably the best place to settle if you are into the luxurious lifestyle of expensive food, houses, boats and everything around it.  


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