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Top 3 Cities To Be Based In As A Tech Entrepreneur


Being a tech entrepreneur can be a difficult task. There are millions of people developing software around the world all looking towards making a name for themself in the game. In this article we have looked at cities that are notoriously known for house more tech entrepreneurs per capita than other cities around the globe. Together with Escapeaway, we have found three cities to be based in when being a tech entrepreneur.

It is cities with a lot of options and frameworks that makes it easy for tech entrepreneurs to operate their business.

Read along and get inspired to where you might start your tech entrepreneurial adventure.

#3 New York City, New York, United States

New York City was the city to be based in, when the first rise of technology arrived in the last century. However, two other cities have overtaken The Big Apple’s spot on this list. That does not mean that New York is an abandoned city when it comes to tech companies. It has dropped two spots on the list and Trello, IBM and Vimeo can be named successful and prominent companies from New York City. 

#2 Shenzhen, China

China has been rapidly catching up on the western world, when it comes to the tech industry in the past couple of decades. Many things can be said about China, but their tech is one of the most supreme in the world. The leading city in China when it comes to tech is Shenzhen, that host China’s most predominant tech companies. It is especially AI and Machine Learning that are prone to exploration in the Chinese tech industry.

#1 Silicon Valley, San Francisco, United States

It may not come as the biggest surprise in the world, if you know just the slightest about the global tech industry, that the best city in the world for tech entrepreneurs is Silicon Valley in San Francisco. It is the home of the greatest tech companies in the world and especially the area of Palo Alto is notoriously known for its incredible tech environment. In Silicon Valley you can find the headquarters of Apple, Google, Uber, Tesla and other famous tech companies we all know and adore for their products. It is without a doubt Silicon Valley in the U.S. which is the greatest city in the world for tech entrepreneurs.


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