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Faxing From Your Computer: Which Option Is Best?


Are you thinking about replacing your old fax machine with a computer?  Many years have passed since machines first entered the office equipment market, but despite the advances in digital technology, faxing is still preferred for sharing documents that need to be private and delivered to the right hands.

There are two main ways your business can embrace digital faxing: by subscribing to an online fax service and by using fax software to manage fax reception in-house. Here we will take a look at both alternatives.

1. Email fax services.

Faxing through a service is the preferred way of faxing these days because it brings all the advantages of a modern fax solution, including the ability to take care of documents on the go, schedule faxes and access them from any computer. Since fax services have a monthly fee and a number of faxes you can send/receive during that period, they are perfect for those that handle a determined volume of faxing per month and are looking to cut down costs.

These services allow you to send fax from email by linking your fax number to an existing email address. You send a fax in the same way you send an email with an attached file. You can learn more on GoogleOnlineFax.com’s Gmail fax guide.

Services are also the best option for people who want to receive digital faxes. They give you an email fax number that redirects incoming documents to your email automatically, from where you can download them or print them as you wish.

The only downside of fax services is that they have to be paid every month. That’s right; fax services work through a subscription that can be paid monthly or annually if you want to save some dollars.  It’s worth every penny though, as you can turn your faxing in an entirely hands-free process. Nowadays you can find excellent services with basic faxing capabilities for as low as $5 per month.

2. Fax software.

Fax software appeared before services, and for years it was used by people who wanted to fax from a computer. The use of software has declined a bit over the past few years, but it has not disappeared entirely. As a matter of fact, most people can find a program called “Windows Fax and Scan,” which is included in different versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS. You can send and receive faxes with a fax application, but you need a fax modem and a dedicated fax line that will be connected to your computer.

Although you can send and receive faxes with a fax application, be aware that you need a fax modem and a dedicated fax line that will be connected to your computer.

Today, software is a good alternative for big companies which need to have an in-house fax solution. They provide companies a great deal of flexibility, customization, and control. Examples of fax software are Essential Fax, Snappy Fax, GFI Fax, among others.

Fax Services vs Fax Software: Who Wins?

This versus is won by unanimous decision by fax services.  They are simply the best way to fax right now.  Perhaps software is a good option if you are in charge of a big company and want an in-house solution, through the use of fax servers, but that is not the situation in most cases.

Fax services have a lot of advantages over applications.  They are easy to get started with (you can create an account and start faxing in literally less than 5 minutes), and they provide a safe and reliable way to receive faxes by giving you a virtual number that will continue grabbing incoming faxes even if you are not at the office or in front of your computer.  Now, with the addition of fax apps by the top rated fax companies there isn’t a fax you can take care of on the go.