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How To Hire A Developer For Your Startup


Finding a startup team is always a problem when it comes to hiring a programmer. How to facilitate the search and choose the optimal time and result option? We will consider several options for hire developers for the new project and the nuances of each: recruitment services, freelancers, eFreelance Development Team, outsourcing through a web company.

But before you start looking, you have to know what you’re offering and where you’re going. At the first stage, it is necessary to analyze competitors, explore the market, develop a business plan, define prospects, correctly distribute tasks and available budget, create a «skeleton» with which the developer can already work. And only after that, you can move to search and start looking to hire developers for a startup.

Recruitment services.

The most obvious way is to buy the base of a resume on a job search site or post a vacancy there. 

This method has a number of disadvantages: 

  • a long selection of candidates: you will filter long-term candidates at the resume review, interview, and test stages; 
  • response rate will be very low: good developers tend to get into companies with more stable prospects.


It is very popular among starters to offer to work for a share in the project. 

This cooperation option has its nuances:

  • quality of work may decrease over time as the developer has no guarantees on the timing of the profit;
  • a developer can leave the project and try to return to it, demanding his share, having made efforts and contributions to the company.

To secure your project think through the terms of the partnership, and document the agreement, and don’t forget the agreement not to divulge commercial secrets.

eFreelance Development Team.

If your goal is to create a high-quality, high-yield project, then it is necessary to find a programmer at least below the Middle level among remote developers. 

To find your ideal team you need to take care in advance of the developer’s high qualification: read the reviews, watch the coder portfolio (there should be projects like yours in them), and try to consider organizing the work of freelancers so that their work complements each other and works as a single mechanism.

Outsourcing (web companies).

You can also find the startup team at the web company. The advantages of this choice are that the contractual relations guarantee that the specialist is not lost at the most critical moment and companies have a team of specialists from different fields, which allows access to different levels of advice.

Let’s take a look at how the team works in terms of one of the languages widely used in various areas of software – C#.

This language is extremely flexible, it writes almost anything from small web applications to powerful software systems that integrate web structures, desktop applications, and mobile devices. The range of development opportunities is virtually non-existent due to the vast array of tools and tools. Of course, all of this can be realized with the help of other languages, but some of them are highly specialized, others will have to use additional tools of third-party developers. In C# a wide range of tasks can be solved faster, easier, and with less time and resources.

The benefits for companies and startups are even more obvious: one development team can be used for all kinds of applications. Also, ready commands are quickly integrated into the new project because they can already communicate with each other.


For a startup, it is very important that the candidate’s motivation and expectations coincide with what your company can (or cannot) give.

From the way the person tells it, it will be clear:

  • whether he really understands the issue or simply invented these items to get his price up;
  • how much of his experience and knowledge are suitable for the current vacancy;
  •  whether he can handle the future work;
  • whether he can learn if he does not have such experience.

The options and tools for finding developers can be different, you can see this starting from a regular freelancer and up to serious developers or even C# development company. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the best option for your project.

Don’t forget for the long-term perspective, as the time spent searching for each individual team member requires time and inclusion. Look for reliable and involved professionals and never forget to sign the NDA to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of your project.