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Want To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates? Use Video


You’ve done everything right for your ecommerce store. Your blog is getting traffic, your social media has lots of followers and you know your product is good and helpful to your customers.

Yet, conversions are stagnant. No matter what tweaks you’ve tried, the number just doesn’t budge.

That doesn’t mean things are hopeless. There’s one more thing to try that should be among your digital marketing tools and that is video. Video is very engaging and people trust what they can see far more than what they read. If you aren’t using video then you may find that your conversion rate skyrockets once you get started.

If you do it right. That’s why we put together this list of ways to use video for your ecommerce store to increase your conversion rate. Read on for the helpful tips.

1 – Product videos.

If you have already used every trick in the book to optimize your product descriptions, then you may find that a product video will launch your conversion rate.

The way they work is that you have a professional video done of the product itself. Not just the specs, but show it in use so the customer can understand how it works. This way they don’t have to imagine it working for them. Which is what they have to do when they read the description.

Since they are in the decision making stage, or at least close to it, then this could be the thing that helps them overcome the resistance they may have been feeling. And then the conversions start happening.

The video doesn’t need to be slick and high tech. It actually needs to be the opposite. People are trying to learn from it and the more it tries to be sleek, the less likely people will feel like they are going to get the information they need.

Likewise if it seems too salesy. Instead of putting the hard sell on, it needs to just stick to the facts in a way that is going to help the potential customer see how the product can help them solve their particular problem.

2 – Start a YouTube channel.

Youtube is becoming more of a search engine than as a source of entertainment. Sure, if you want to see cute kittens doing funny things, there is still plenty of that!

This means that when people are in the later stages of their decision making process they will turn to Youtube to see if they can find that last bit of information to solve their problem.

Let’s say that they are thinking they might need your specific product but they want to see exactly how it works. If they search for a how to guide, then your videos should be there for them to find. This could be enough information that helps them make their decision, or at least validate the decision they’ve already made.

In another scenario, they may not be familiar with your exact brand, but they are looking for information about the type of product that you offer. So, when they are searching for information about it, they should hopefully find your series of videos so they can learn everything they wanted to know and even some stuff they hadn’t thought they needed to know.

It’s at this point that a person can also enter into your funnel. You should have videos for every stage of the buyer’s journey with a call to action for them to either subscribe to your channel, or to sign up for a freebie in exchange for their email.

Using video in conjunction with email marketing can be a very potent combination.

3 – Influencer marketing.

No matter what your product category is, there is surely an influencer that has a Youtube channel. Let’s use an example of a new woodworking tool as a hypothetical product that you are selling.

There are a lot of woodworking Youtube channels that have some big followings. This means that these influencers have a rabid fanbase that trust them. So, if you want to get your tool in front of all of those eyes, then you can reach out to one of the biggest influencers and ask them to do a video with your product. It could be a sponsored video in which you pay them a set fee to use the product in one of their videos. Or, you can give them a commission for every sale that comes from the video by giving them a coupon code for their viewers to use at checkout.

This provides a very good ROI as these viewers are exactly the market you are trying to find. Instead of trying to find them with SEO or other marketing means, you can simply go right to where they are congregating online.

4 – Use video ads.

If you have wasted money on social media ads or even on Google, then you are probably gun shy of trying again. Running ads can be expensive as people simply don’t even really see them any longer. There is a thing called banner blindness that is hard to overcome.

Ads with video, on the other hand, convert really well because they are built for engagement. And, once again, if a video can show the viewer exactly how their problem can be solved in the form of a video, it gets right to the point. So, when they arrive at your product page, they are coming in warm and aren’t there just to waste your ad spend.

Not only will people stop to watch a video ad, but in some cases they will also share it if they know a friend who needs the product in question. Engagement is very high on video and people like sharing helpful content.


If you haven’t thought of video before then this hopefully has you thinking about how you can implement it. Video can be a bit frightening as it seems complicated. But, hiring a professional that knows how to make an engaging video shouldn’t cost that much. With the high ROI that a video provides, it is money well spent.