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Why Young Entrepreneurs Are Into Digital Marketing


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If Gen X entrepreneurs are making tremendous efforts to climb up the corporate ladder, Gen Z entrepreneurs are doing pretty good, earning a living in innovative ways. They have a strong ability to market themselves, which allows these young entrepreneurs to get more clients and grow their business.

Considering that Gen Z entrepreneurs are going up against larger, better known, and more resourceful companies, this is no little thing. Those who are starting off their new ventures are able to succeed not necessarily because they have full passion and ambition, but because they are into digital marketing. The use of digital marketing among young entrepreneurs does not come as a surprise since they are digital natives who do not know what a world without high-speed Internet looks like.

What Is Digital Marketing, Anyway?

In case you do not know what digital marketing is, it is a broad term that encompasses all the marketing channels and methods used to promote a company with the aim of getting more traffic and, implicitly, more customers. Marketers can take advantage of various digital channels, including but not limited to search engines, email, social media, and web applications. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that digital marketing can be realized online and offline as well. To put it simply, digital marketing implies managing a company’s online presence, which is done by deploying savvy communication techniques that support the acquiring of new customers.

In this article by Drip Digital, explaining what Digital Marketing is, we can see clearly that it is not rocket science, but rather it is quite simple. It has 7 main categories, as follows:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Content marketing
  • PPC advertising

The hardest part is coming up with a strategy that achieves business goals. To come up with a viable marketing strategy, it is necessary to determine the challenge you are confronted with, figure out how to deal with that challenge, and, finally yet importantly, have a set of targeted actions on how to accomplish that policy. Using a plan supports digital transformation and company growth. Digitalization has increased even in hardware-driven organizations, so embracing digital innovation is a must. It is no longer an option.

Why Every Young Entrepreneur Needs To Be Savvy in Digital Marketing.

In spite of the current uncertainty linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, new brands are being launched. They are put in the situation of tackling advertising in a very competitive industry. If you have just launched a new business and wish to connect people to your brand, you should use digital marketing to overcome potential challenges. Digital marketing can help young entrepreneurs who are tech-savvy, optimistic, and, of course, zealous. In what follows, we will explain why young entrepreneurs make effective use of digital marketing. So, should you spend your time poaching around digital platforms? Why, yes!

Marketing a Product or Service through Custom, Memorable Experiences.

Digital marketing involves true engagement – in other words, it is focused on increasing the engagement customers have with the brand by means of personalized messages. Young entrepreneurs should pursue some kind of interaction between viewers, followers, fans, listeners, and so on. Engagement translates into more time spent on the company website, the number of comments, and, most importantly, business results. With the rise of Internet technologies, people have new expectations. They often get lots of pitches, so they will undoubtedly ignore you if you attempt to do the same thing. It is better to get prospects engaged in irresistible conversations and build long-lasting relationships.

Developing a Strong Digital Footprint to Succeed On the Web.

In the old days, marketing used to be confined to selling products and services. Now, it is a completely different story in the sense that the marketing is built around the brand. A digital marketing plan can really make a difference when it comes down to brand visibility. The elements that constitute a cohesive digital marketing strategy are mobile marketing, organic search, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Young entrepreneurs prefer social media because they are able to create a voice for their companies. They take the time to respond to personal messages, so it is not surprising that their startups are regarded in a positive light.

Simple and Reliable Metrics for Measuring Success.

Metrics help understand the success or failure of the marketing campaign. Tracking results is neither time-consuming nor difficult when you use the Internet and online-based digital technologies (desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.). Gen Z entrepreneurs can make use of comprehensive metrics to drive success. As far as measuring digital marketing success is concerned, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Overall website traffic (new/returning visitors)
  • Social reach
  • Impressions
  • Email open rate
  • Cost per conversion
  • Overall ROI

Measuring the results makes the difference between wishful thinking and the actual return on the investment.

Young Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing Are a Match Made In Heaven.

Young people make better entrepreneurs, but that is not a secret. They attain things that others consider downright impossible. Entrepreneurship does not encompass corporate giants built on a basis of family lineage. Everyone can make a name for themselves, regardless of the scale. Needless to say, that does not mean that everyone is destined to become an entrepreneur. Young entrepreneurs are better-positioned to succeed owing to the fact that they are digitally savvy, becoming a strong market driver for growth and innovation. Consumers have changed with time and it is no longer feasible to use traditional marketing techniques.

Over the past couple of years, digital marketing has changed dramatically, even if some of us have not been paying too much attention. With the advantages of digital marketing (leading customers to action, building brand reputation, interacting with the targeted audience, etc.) it is hard to understand why not all entrepreneurs make the shift to advertising delivered through digital channels. If you are a young person, implement digital marketing tactics to reach and engage with potential customers. You will not regret it; that is for sure.

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