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Student Accommodation In Australia: Finding The Right Place For You


The student accommodation sector is a part of the economy that is going from strength to strength.

This is particularly true in Australia. That the world’s sixth-largest country in terms of total area attracts a lot of both international and domestic students should come as no surprise to those who know Australia well.

What to Consider When Finding Student Accommodation in Australia.

With so much choice, however, it is vital to know what to look for when choosing the right accommodation building for students.

From location to living conditions to price and to, even, which city, there are a multitude of important factors to consider when choosing student accommodation in Australia.

Although the options can look overwhelming, you can remind yourself that with enough research you will find something that is just right for you.

Finding the Right Accommodation Location in Australia.

Like in any other place, location is possibly the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right student accommodation for you. At the end of the day, everyone is different. Some students – of the more particularly sociable type – will want to be right in the city centre. Other students of the quieter variety will, for instance, naturally migrate to some of the more suburban areas of the possible university accommodation locations.

Other Key Accommodation Considerations.

As well as choosing the right location in Australia, there are a number of other key factors that you must consider in order to find the right place to stay during your time in higher education. Your accommodation is a key part in your university experience.

Living conditions.

Another key factor to consider is your living conditions. To accommodate more international students, student accommodation is becoming increasingly tailored to the studio flat and/or en-suite bathroom.

However, for those desiring a ‘halls’ student experience, there are still numerous options available for you.

Price of Accommodation.

Price is a huge factor when it comes to students saving money on their accommodation. Although it almost goes without saying, it is worth remembering that certain places and certain cities are more expensive than others.

According to The Economist, Australian cities are not particularly expensive when compared to other cities in Asia and North America. In fact, between 2018 and 2019, Perth in Australia was one of the cities whose rank fell the most, falling ten places in the list of the world’s most expensive cities.

Finding the Right City in Australia.

Although Australia’s capital is Canberra, its largest city is Sydney, with its other major metropolitan areas including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Apart from Perth, all those cities are located in Australia’s heavily-populated eastern seaboard.

Sydney, in particular, is a large tourist hotspot, drawing in travellers with iconic attractions such as the Sydney Opera House.

Other attractions in Australia include its famous cricket stadiums, the Great Barrier Reef and the ‘outback’, where tourists can explore the country’s Aboriginal history and heritage. Drawing a lot of young backpackers, Australia heavily promotes young backpackers working during their holiday in Australia.


The chance to study in Australia, while being able to explore its special history and attractions, is an opportunity that no-one should turn down lightly.

From location to living conditions to price, there is something for everyone in Australia’s fast-growing student accommodation sector.

With the world’s third-highest human development index, Australia is clearly a very developed society with a very high quality of life.