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Open Yourself For Various Career Opportunities With CompTIA Network+ Certification


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CompTIA is a reputable organization specializing in the presentation of one’s knowledge in the field of computer networks at the practical and theoretical levels. One of the sought-after certifications that the company offers is Network+, which is the main focus of this article.

The Certbolt credential is mainly based on the user-level expertise of networking technologies and operating systems, adding fundamental notions and skills that the learners will need to advance in their networking career. As a result, the candidates will be able to become system engineers, IS consultants, or network analysts who will have expanded knowledge of the domains that cover key Cloud computing practices, critical security concepts, virtualization techniques, and hardware.

Exam Overview.

The prerequisite exam for CompTIA Network+ is N10-007. This is the only test that a candidate needs to complete in order to get this certification. It includes the following objectives that you need to master:

  1. Networking Concepts (23%);
  2. Infrastructure (18%);
  3. Network Operations (17%);
  4. Network Security (20%);
  5. Network Troubleshooting and Tools (22%).

The 220-1001 exam contains about 90 questions, and the company gives you 90 minutes to answer all of them. You can expect performance-based and multiple-choice questions in the delivery of this test. The passing score for this exam is 720 out of 900. CompTIA charges the fee of $329 and offers this certification test in the following languages: English, Japanese, and German.

To prepare for this exam, most applicants choose to take some practice tests. They grant the opportunity to assess not only the knowledge they have in order to become a certified specialist, but also the skills that they need to be able to deal with the performance-based questions. You can find this type of prep tools on the official website by clicking on the “eLearning” button. You can also get some flashcards, video courses, and books if you visit here.

Career Opportunities.

Certbolt CompTIA N10-007 is a vendor-neutral certification that makes any individual who has obtained it an excellent fit for the network engineering and network administrator roles, which are currently in high demand. In addition, the salary for these positions is also very high. According to the Information Technology salary report, the network engineers and network administrators are among the ten most sought-after jobs of 2020.

The Network+ credential is entrusted and commended by major organizations, including Apple, Dell, Canon, Cisco, Verizon, and HP. Getting this CompTIA certificate proves that you can effectively operate the networks of both hardware and software products of these companies. Moreover, according to the “CompTIA Certifications Exams” of Global Knowledge, CompTIA Network+ is among the most popular and sought-after certifications in the world. It enhances your value in the job market because it provides evidence of your skills, knowledge, and capability to configure, install, operate, troubleshoot, maintain, and manage basic network support.

Final Words.

Pass the CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions with great results and stand out from your peers by becoming a certified engineer or administrator. Having the Network+ badge in your CV, you can benefit from the high salaries, a huge number of job opportunities, and potential career growth. With this certificate, you will open a bunch of possibilities that will lead your career to the path you deserve.