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How To Start Your Own Aluminium Joinery Business


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When starting a business, you will have many endeavours whether you have a small or large capital. Aluminium joinery business has been one of the most stable business for the past decade. With an almost ready-made business model, the cost and requirements are relatively low compared to other startup business which is favorable for aspiring business owner.

Aluminium and Its Uses.

Aluminium is a strong, lightweight metal with relativity soft and malleable properties. Other properties like high thermal conductivity, low density and corrosive resistance make it applicable to almost any industry you can imagine. It is commonly used for windows frames, utensils and even airplane parts.

Starting an Aluminum Joinery Business.

Aluminium can be found in almost any metal works because of its astounding properties. And if you are an aspiring business owner, aluminium joinery business is a great way to start your journey because of its high demand in the market. Whether it is a large scale, small scale or home construction project, the aluminium windows, doors and other parts are needed in almost every project. To know more about aluminium products, you can check out Window Factory for detailed information. Here are tips on how to start on this business:

  • Have a business plan.

When starting a business, the first thing most entrepreneurs work on is how to distinguish it from other business. In the aluminium joinery business, there are few options available on how to develop your brand. Narrowing down the services your business will be offering will help you focus on your goal. You can choose to install only, manufacture only, combined or wholesale manufacturing. Taking the time to evaluate your business plan or model will surely help in the success of your aluminium joinery business.

  • Know your location.

Another factor you must consider will be the location of your business. Knowing the essential space for your work area will give you an overview of the required machinery and workforce to start mobilizing your business. The location constraints also cover the competition you have in the area. Checking your possible competitors will help you strategize your target markets and services you can offer to make a name for your business and stand out.

  • Machine requirements and Raw Materials.

For the manufacturing process, mechanical machineries will be your greatest investment in this business. The essential machines needed for an aluminium joinery business is cutting machine, grinders, buffing machine, and drills. These machines will be your key element in finishing your aluminium products. For raw materials, flat bars and sheets of aluminium must be always readily available in your workplace. Other materials like glass, clips and handles are also staple raw mats in the aluminium joinery business. You must also look for high-end supplier to make sure the quality of the material will not be compromised.

  • Focus on your services.

The QoS or quality of service will be the key factor in building your reputation. Your reputation showcases the work ethic and reliability of your business. Having a good record of services and product reviews will help you build your network which can attract more customers and landing some big contracts. The focus on improving and maintaining the quality of service your business you can give will be a great leap towards success.

  • Learn from the experts.

Another essential factor when starting every business is to research and get involved with the people already in it. Seeking advice or even just talking with them about the business will give you right insight on how to move forward. Though it is hard for a local competitor to help you gain more knowledge about since you may compromise their sales and other customer, you may find an entrepreneur who’s willingly open to share their knowledge and insight on how to succeed in the business. And if you are already in this stage and having trouble finding someone who can walk you through the business, here’s the Window Factory contact details to help you with this problem.

  • Target Market.

The traditional way of selling aluminium works are locally done. But with the current technology, you can also sell your products online to expand your target market. Having more options in which you can showcase your products greatly helps in developing your brand name. You can use different social media platforms for starter. And when you are confident enough of your brand, you can level up by listing your products on different B2B (business-to-business) website.


Starting a business is not an easy feat to do in any ways. But with effort and dedication, you are already one step closer to success. As an aspiring business owner, you need to focus on building your business around your plans and model, improving your services and be updated with the latest trends and machineries so you won’t be lagging with your competitors. Knowing your way around the business and having stable target markets will also be a key to your business’ success.