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Applying Innovation To Modern Bathroom Tech


The bathroom is often forgotten during remodeling. Given the ongoing pandemic, bathrooms should perhaps get more attention than they were previously getting. Studies have shown that bathrooms are home to millions of colony-forming units, the highest bacterial levels in any house.

These microorganisms can be transferred from one person to another, leading to illnesses. The risk of transfer is even higher for public restrooms. Fortunately, these dangers can be minimized by applying modern technology when considering a commercial bathroom remodeling.

This article looks at innovative ways to reduce the health risks associated with bathrooms.

Anti-Graffiti Bathroom Partitions.

For some reason, some people can’t resist the urge to leave a comment or drawing on public bathroom stalls. While these “bathroom graffiti artists” might find it funny, it makes cleaning washrooms that much more difficult. Anti-graffiti bathroom partitions are designed to make the removal of graffiti from bathroom walls easier. Here are the types you can expect to find from a bathroom partition distributor:

Phenolic Partitions These are made of layers of paper coated with a phenolic resin. The resin gives the partition its water-resistant property. These partitions can be easily cleaned with a soft brush, detergent, and water.

HPDE Partitions – High-density polyethylene (HPDE) is a suitable bathroom partition because they are durable and resistant to both scratches and graffiti. In addition to their strength, high-density polyethylene cannot be affected by humidity. These types of partitions are low maintenance and only require regular cleaning.

Plastic Laminates – These are made of particleboards core and given a plastic surface finish. The lamination ensures that water runs off, protecting the inner board. They are cheaper, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. However, they are not scratch proof and can be affected by high humidity.

Stainless Steel Partitions – Steel partitions are easy to clean and are the most durable. They can be cleaned using a damp piece of cloth, and some detergent provided to the cleaners are neither alkali nor acidic. You can opt for zinc powder-coated steel partitions for extra protection.

Touchless Technology.

The bathroom is known as the most germ-infested area in any building. That risk doubles when a washroom is shared by an entire office floor. Touchless technology prevents both contact and droplet transmission.

Faucets – These are an excellent example of where transmission occurs. Traditional taps fail miserably at their sole purpose, which is to keep hands clean. After thoroughly scrubbing your hands, one still has to turn off the tap, ending up with more germs than in the beginning. Touchless faucets can be turned on and off by simple hand movements. The motion sensors then automatically open the tap without any physical contact.

Hand Dryers – These are the next bacterial breeding grounds in a public washroom. Hand towel dispensers are not entirely touchless. The solution is to replace them with automatic hand dryers. They can be switched on by moving the wet hand under the nozzle. In addition to touchless drying, modern hand dryers have an in-built air filtration system that ensures the air is cleaned before it reaches the hand.

Soap Dispensers – Another opportunity to utilize touchless technology is for soap dispensers. Just like the faucet, soap dispensers are touched by everyone walking into the bathroom. In addition to preventing germ transmission, an electronic soap dispenser reduces the wastage of product, cutting the cost of cleaning supplies. You can take the touchless theme a step further by installing automatic flashing and lighting.

Environment Control.

Proper air conditioning and ventilation are paramount in the bathroom. Unbearable temperatures and high humidity are a recipe for disaster. They not only result in repulsive odors, but also make maintenance and cleaning a nightmare.

Here are modern innovations that can make a big difference in the bathroom:

Ventilation Besides air conditioning, bathrooms require an exhaust fan. The fan is for removing foul smells and controlling the humidity. The moisture build-up after showers can cause mold growth or damage the wall paint. Modern bathroom exhaust fans come with a humidity sensor that automatically takes over a pre-set humidity level. Exhaust fans can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. The musty air from the bathroom is transported outside through a system of air vents. Ductless fans use charcoal filters to remove odors and humidity from rooms with no air vents such as basements and attics.

Odor Control – Air fresheners are a common odor control device in many homes, but not as effective as air dispensers. Unlike traditional air fresheners, modern air neutralizers do not just mask foul bathroom odors. These air dispensers automatically spray particles that break down the scent at a molecular level. They can work continuously for 60 days, after which they can be refilled. To eliminate all smells from a bathroom, you should consider installing a urinal screen as well. It is very effective in reducing the suffocating smell of uric acid in urinal stalls.

Smart Toilets.

Technology has revolutionized all spheres of our lives, and that includes the toilets. Smart toilets come with additional features to improve your bathroom experience. In addition to the convenience, they also use far less water than conventional predecessors. The following are standard features in smart toilets:

Automatic Flushing – This is a primary feature in all smart toilets. Motion sensors trigger automatic flushing when the user moves away from the bowl. It is followed by the automatic closing of the lid.

Night Light – A lot can go wrong when you are fumbling in the dark. The night light automatically comes on when the bathroom becomes dark.

Eco-Friendliness – Before installing a smart toilet, take a look at both the power rating and water usage. Smart toilets don’t come cheap. They can increase your utility bills as well.

Self-Cleaning – Smart toilets have a single-flush or dual-flush setting. Some smart bathrooms come with a robotic arm that helps scrub the toilets. Additional self-cleaning features include a UV light and a deodorizer.

Seat Warmers – This feature spares one the discomfort of having to sit on an ice-cold toilet seat. You set the exact temperature you want.

Modern Showers and Tubs.

Modern gizmos can quickly transform an ordinary shower into a high-end spa. The following is a list of contemporary technologies that redefine the bathroom experience:

Entertainment – Waterproof speakers and bathroom TVs now make it possible to enjoy your favorite tunes or catch up on a show while enjoying a soak. These devices can be connected to other tools for uninterrupted entertainment. Some showerheads come with a built-in speaker for a fun showering experience.

Eco-Drains – This technology uses the heat from the dirty water to reheat the colder clean water. It can help reduce your power bills and save the environment at the same time.

Soaking Tubs – Modern tubs are multi-functional, smaller, and water-conscious. They come with touchless faucets and mood lighting. Some models are capable of massaging the user through a system of air jets. It mimics the sensation felt in a hot spring.

Smart Showers – With modern showers, it is possible to control the temperature and pressure of a bath without leaving the bed. It eliminates the need to preheat the shower.


The smart home market is projected to reach $76 billion by 2024. As the demand for smart homes rises, modern bathrooms will become a central feature in these futuristic homes. In anticipation of this growing need, commercial properties should begin incorporating advanced technologies in bathrooms. In addition to reducing the transmission of bacteria, modern bathrooms minimize water wastage and increase energy efficiency. They are important selling points as we continue to face the threat of global warming and pandemics.

Indeed, smart homes are still out of reach for most people. Something as simple as anti-graffiti partitions can make a big difference in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Hopefully, this article compels you to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift.